Telkom Director of Enterprise and Business Service Dian Rachmawan (right) took a picture together with President Director of PT Taspen Iqbal Latanro (middle) and General Director of PT Taspen Bagus Rumbogo (left) after signing Cooperation Agreement (PKS) in synergy development and implementation of digitization of pension payment service in Jakarta (17/10).

TelkomGroup and Taspen Agreed on the Development and Implementation of Digitalization of Pension Payment Service

OCTOBER 18, 2017

PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) together with PT Taspen (Taspen) agreed to build synergies to develop and implement digitalization for pension payment services by promoting the principle of Business to Business. The agreement was set forth in the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) signed by Telkom's Enterprise & Business Service Director Dian Rachmawan and PT Taspen Bagus Rumbogo General Director and witnessed by Iqbal Latanro Taspen President Director in Jakarta, Tuesday (17/10).

Dian Rachmawan expressed appreciation for Taspen's trust to TelkomGroup as a provider of digital telecommunication services to support the improvement of service quality to pensioners. "As a SOE that has core competence in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) starting from cloud, managed service, data center, payment system, monitoring system, satellite operation and many more, TelkomGroup is ready to support Taspen digital revolution in short, medium and long term. We would like to thank Taspen who has given trust to TelkomGroup to support Taspen digitization, especially pension payment service so that the retirees can enjoy the convenience of the integrated payment process, "said Dian Rachmawan.

Meanwhile, Iqbal Latanro added, through the cooperation of "Development and Implementation of Digitalization of Retirement Payment Service", it is expected that Taspen can obtain valid pension data. "Cooperation for the development and implementation of digitalization is expected to be the best solution in pension payment management in accordance with the 5T principle one of which is the Right People Principle as a proof of life or proof of the retirement recipient is still alive. Of course this makes it easier in the process of monitoring and reconciliation and minimize the occurrence of fraud, "added Iqbal Latanro.

The development and implementation of digitalization is done through the implementation of Taspen Smartcard and the development of e-New Dapem system. Taspen Smartcard serves as a Retirement Identity Card based on biometric data and also functions as an ATM and Debit Card. Taspen Smartcard is also developed as a card that has the added benefit that retired participants can enjoy discounts / discounts on some merchants.

The existence of this multifunction card is expected to increase participants' satisfaction. The application of smartcard is also supported by electronic payment data application system e-New Dapem, which is the development of existing e-Dapem system that integrates partner pay with one application through device verification / authentication in the form of device to partner pay and TASPEN participants.

In this partnership, TelkomGroup provides integrated Information & Communication Technology (ICT) services to support the implementation of Taspen Smartcard and e-New Dapem including digitalization of improvement process, digital culture transformation, customer experience, and so on. Telkom also provides enrollment support equipment such as cameras, laptops, and face recorder scanners, fingerprints and voice for data authentication, including the retirement life status.

In addition, TelkomGroup also prepares digital solutions in the form of web-based applications and networks so that data can be accessed in real time from Taspen branch offices and Taspen pay partners; data center for database management, payment switching system, authentication and verification system, helpdesk & contact center, and Taspen Smartcard support system.

Iqbal Latanro asserted that the current digital era should be utilized to accelerate service to participants. "With the synergy and support from TelkomGroup, we hope Taspen is able to provide the best service that exceeds the expectations of the participants. This cooperation is also expected to improve the performance and efficiency of the company, "said Iqbal Latanro.

In the future, this cooperation is expected to further improve the quality of products and services of both SOEs, both at the national and global levels. This synergy is also a form of SOEs Present for the State, as an effort to provide best service to support the welfare of all levels of society, not to mention the pensioners.