Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom Dian Rachmawan (right) and Group Executive of Enterprise Telstra Brendon Riley (left) witnessed by Acting Officials of Australian Embassy for Indonesia. Bradley Armstrong (middle) when signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Talent Exchange Pilot Program at Telkom Landmark Tower Jakarta, Friday (25/8)

TelkomGroup and Telstra Agreed on Cooperation For Talent Exchange Pilot Program

AUGUST 28, 2017

PT. Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) and Telstra, the leading telecommunication, and technology company in Australia affirmed the commitment to continuously improve the quality of human resources such as by executing talent exchange (employees). In connection with this, Telkom's Enterprise & Business Service Director Dian Rachmawan and Group Executive of Enterprise Telstra Brendon Riley signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Talent Exchange Pilot Program at Telkom Landmark Tower, Jakarta, Friday (25/8).

This memorandum of understanding is an agreement to achieve the objectives of both companies in preparing and developing talents (employees) that are insightful.

As part of the MoU, the two companies begin a six-month employee exchange program in which each company sends 6 employees to participate in two simultaneous exchange programs, the Project Team Program and the Talent Swap Program.

Employees involved in the Project Team Program will work on projects that have been determined by the company and the business unit to be occupied. Meanwhile, the employees involved in the Talent Swap Program will exchange companies as well as carry out their duties and perform roles similar to those previously undertaken by each company.

After signing the Memorandum of Understanding, Dian Rachmawan said TelkomGroup welcomed the implementation of talent exchange program between TelkomGroup and Telstra. "As a leading digital telecommunication company in Indonesia that has been expanding internationally in 10 countries, we are always committed to improving the quality of our human resources. Through this program, the talents involved will gain new experiences and knowledge that are expected to inspire them in creating business innovations tailored to the dynamics of the industry globally to drive the company's progress. All TelkomGroup employees from various business units, including employees of subsidiaries, get the same opportunity to join this program "said Dian Rachmawan.

Meanwhile, Brendon Riley said the talent exchange program gives employees both TelkomGroup and Telstra employees the opportunity to develop their competencies and skills in specific fields and prepare them to become business leaders in the growing telecommunication and digital technology industry Regional Asia-Pacific region. "The business of our company has grown rapidly across Asia. Therefore, we need talent pool and future leaders who have a global mindset to provide better service to their customers. We are also pleased to continue working with Telkom, particularly in terms of educating employees and building global human resource capabilities between the two companies, "said Brendon Riley.

"Telstra is fortunate to have had a positive partnership with Telkom since three years ago. We together provide the needs of enterprise customers, given that today corporations have begun digital transformation and are using network applications and services through our joint venture company Telkomtelstra, "added Brendon Riley.

The talent exchange program that will start in November 2017 is expected to enhance employee capability and competence so that the talents involved can accelerate the company's business progress and strengthen TelkomGroup and Telstra's position as the leading players in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry in the region Asia-Pacific.