Singapore-based e-commerce fulfillment company Anchanto officially launched their newest platform SelluSeller at industry forum Asia E-commerce Dialogue 2017 on Tuesday (17/01). (Photo courtesy of Sale Duck)

Next Level in Asian E-commerce — Borderless Digital Marketplaces


JANUARY 22, 2017

Singapore. Singapore-based e-commerce fulfillment company Anchanto officially launched their newest platform SelluSeller at industry forum Asia E-commerce Dialogue 2017 on Tuesday (17/01).

The new platform's name was inspired by the Malay-Indonesian word "selalu" — or "always" in English.

SelluSeller aims to connect sellers, brands and marketplaces in a one-stop platform designed to allow business players to make transactions in various digital marketplaces across Asia.

As a logistics and e-commerce company, Anchanto is fully aware of the issues faced by the conventional logistics industry.

With a motto of "making things simple," Anchanto has been promoting digital-based fulfillment as an all-round solution for brands, distributors, logistics players and consumers.

Planning a huge expansion in Southeast Asia, chief executive and co-founder Anchanto Vaibhav Dabhade noted three key factors in the growth of cross-border e-commerce in the region — internet access, digital payment and the social media phenomenon.

When asked about the impact of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) on e-commerce in the region, Dabhade said, "It's still being discussed."

He pointed out there has been no transnational integration happening so far in terms of cross-border e-commerce in the AEC.

Targeting Indonesia

Indonesia is one of Anchanto’s expansion targets. The country is a good example of the universal phenomenon of people desperately wanting to be socially connected. This has undeniably boosted the success of digital-based businesses in the country, especially e-commerce.

"We aim to get over 1000 sellers and brands on board our platform in the next 4 to 5 months by highly localizing our platform to the Indonesian market’s needs," Dabhade told the Jakarta Globe.

Dabhade stressed that SelluSeller is a platform open to all kinds of business players, from SMEs to distributors.

"All of them get different levels of functionality and SelluSeller solves different degrees of challenges for them, hence different price schemes as well," he said at the platform's launch party.

Vice President of Business Planning and Development at JNE Group Zaldy Masita, who also attended the launch, said that Indonesia recorded very good growth in e-commerce last year.

He also predicted that cross-border e-commerce will become very huge soon, starting from 2017.

Supportive government regulations

Zaldy believes the revised ministerial regulation on import duty and taxes will boost international purchases on the back of the higher threshold, allowing smaller purchases untaxed.

"With the previous regulation, if you buy goods from overseas and it costs you $80, you have to pay the duty. Now, the regulation has been revised. If it is below $100, it is duty-free," Zaldy told the Jakarta Globe.

Zaldy referred to the Finance Minister Regulation No. 04/2016 that only imposes tariff on goods worth more than $100. The previous regulation subjected any purchase worth over $50 to local import duties.

Delivery matters

Despite the good news, Zaldy also pointed out that JNE, as a last mile delivery service provider, also faces a big challenge: Indonesia's geography.

"Merchants in Indonesia are so spread out. They use Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak. It's very difficult to ensure deliveries to all islands. Plus, it costs a lot," he said.

Zaldy highlighted free delivery promos as a key factor that has helped e-commerce grow in Indonesia.

Many online shops in Indonesia regularly offer free delivery to attract more customers.

"Even though competition is tough, we [JNE] can't raise shipping cost since it's actually paid by our partners [online shopping sites]," Zaldy said.

When asked about competition among delivery services, including those from Go-Jek and Grab, Zaldy said, "They create a new market. They're not taking over ours [JNE’s]."

So far, JNE and Anchanto have not officially announced a collaboration. But Zaldy said they are seriously discussing the possibility of partnering up to face the cross-border e-commerce era.