Around a third of all buses set to operate during the upcoming mass Idul Fitri holiday exodus do not meet safety standards. (Antara Photo/Rosa Panggabean)

Transportation Ministry to Waive Toll Fares in Case of Bottleneck


JULY 09, 2016

Jakarta. Transportation Ministry’s secretary general Sugihardjo inspected the Cikarang Utama toll gate in Bekasi, West Java, on Saturday (09/07), announcing that road users will not be charged toll fares if gridlock happens at the gate.

The Cikarang Utama gate, where the Cipularang and Cipali highways meet, is expected face the worst of the traffic this weekend when Jakarta residents return in droves from their Idul Fitri break.

“I have told [toll operator] Jasa Marga and [the police’s] traffic corps that drivers should not be charged toll fares if they have to wait too long at the Cikarang Utama gate,” Sugihardjo said.

According to the latest report, there is little traffic heading from Jakarta to Cikampek on the highway, but there are spots of congestion from kilometer 53 to 30 heading into Jakarta.