Batik clothes in Pusat Batik Indonesia in Depok Town Square, West Java. (Antara Photo/Indrianto Eko Suwarso)

Two Capital Assistance Schemes Available for Tourism and Creative Economy Industry


JUNE 20, 2020

Jakarta. Two capital assistance schemes were available for small- and medium-sized businesses in the tourism and creative economy industry, providing loans to help the firms recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, an official from the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs, and Investment said. 

The schemes include Government Incentive Assistance, or BIP, from the Tourism and Creative Economy Minister and a partnership program from state-owned Pertamina, allowing a small and medium enterprise (SME) to get up to Rp 200 million ($14,200) in the capital loan. 

Suparman, assistant deputy for capital access for tourism and the creative economy at the ministry, said the government would prepare Rp 24 billion for this year's BIP, but would only focus on six areas.

"In 2020, the government would prepare Rp 24 billion for six sub-sectors from creative economy and tourism sectors, which are a game application developer, craft, fashion, culinary, film, and tourism, such as homestay and businesses in tourist village locations," Suparman said in a statement of Friday.


Businesses who are to join the selection process should choose a category between regular and affirmative, based on requirements and criteria that the company should meet.

Regular could receive assistance until up to Rp 200 million, while affirmative could receive up to Rp 100 million.

The program first started in 2017 with 34 recipients, 19 of them were businesses in the culinary sector and 15 from the digital application sector.

In 2018, the number increased to 52 recipients from culinary (14), digital application and game developer (12), fashion (13), and craft (13) sectors.

And 62 businesses received assistance from the BIP program in 2019.

For the Pertamina partnership program, Suparman said 62,000 SMEs had received the benefit, with a loan up to Rp 200 million per business available.

Besides capital loans, the program also offers training and mentoring for SMEs to further develop their business.

Suparman said firms need to put their best effort in meeting requirements for both programs. 

"BIP and Pertamina aid programs would need all applicants to be very considerate in fulfilling all requirements, with help and assistance from the local government," Suparman said.