(Photo Courtesy of Waresix)

Waresix Acquires Freight Start-up Trukita

DECEMBER 18, 2020

Jakarta. Logistics technology platform Waresix announced on Friday that it has acquired Trukita, a leading logistics technology start-up that offers freight and trucking services in the first-mile space. 

This strategic acquisition is in line with Waresix’s vision to be the largest digital-enabled logistics network in Southeast Asia, the company said in a statement. 

With the completion of this acquisition, Waresix seeks to expand the company’s reach into the first-mile logistics space and enhance its existing range of offerings for shippers and transporters.

Waresix currently offers end-to-end logistics services catering to all aspects of the supply chain, including trucking, warehousing, multimodal transport and vendor management. It currently focuses on the mid-mile logistics services space in Indonesia and leverages technology to seamlessly connect shippers and businesses to readily available trucks and warehouses. 

Trukita operates one of the largest freight and trucking marketplace platforms in the country that connects businesses to tech-enabled trucks in Indonesia. It offers real-time tracking, business analysis, online payments and supply chain optimization.

“The acquisition of Trukita, a leading player in the first-mile logistics space, is synergistic as it complements our own capabilities in the mid-mile space in which we currently operate. This allows us to combine both companies’ expertise and networks to extend our reach and offer a more comprehensive suite of services to both existing and new customers,” Andree Susanto, Co-founder and CEO of Waresix, writes in a statement.

He claimed that the acquisition will make Waresix one of the largest logistics technology providers in Indonesia and allow the company to gain access to an extended network of over 10,000 trucks and hundreds of new customers, “positioning Waresix in good stead to tap on more opportunities in Indonesia’s $60 billion marine and port logistics market”.

“At Trukita, we see many opportunities to work together with Waresix to address the inefficiencies of Indonesia’s logistics supply chain, such as uncertainty and high costs,” added Ady Bangun, Trukita’s CEO and Co-Founder. 

Founded three years ago, Waresix currently operates in more than 100 cities in Indonesia and manages over 40,000 trucks and 375 warehouses. Earlier this year, the company concluded its Series B funding round to fund business expansion and continual technology development.