Jacky Chen, Huawei Indonesia's chief executive officer (CEO). (Photo courtesy of Huawei)

We Want to Give More to Indonesia Than We Take: Huawei


APRIL 01, 2021

Jakarta. Huawei Tech Investment, also known as Huawei Indonesia, a local arm of the Chinese tech giant, has launched a series of campaigns to give back to the Indonesian community, recognizing a need to create shared value and support economic, social, and environmental progress. 

Huawei had launched the “I Do” campaigns last year to tackle many issues, Jacky Chen, Huawei Indonesia's chief executive officer (CEO), said on Thursday. 


“We have been rooted in this beautiful land for more than 20 years, and we’ve grown together with Indonesia and Indonesian people. At this new point, we want to give more in return than take," Chen said. 

“Through “I Do Contribute,” we strive to find ways out through the latest technologies to accelerate Indonesian economic recovery in the post-pandemic scenario. We also launched a program to cultivate 100,000 Indonesian digital talents for 5 years to build a solid foundation for future-ready human capital,” he said.

A team of Huawei technicians took on the task to restore Jakarta's communication network early last year when the capital experienced the worst flooding in more than 154 years that saw 50 deaths and 170,000 displaced from their homes.

The initiative was under Huawei's "I Do Care" campaign that also provides relief aid for the flood victims. 

“We shared our happiness to the needy during Ramadan by paying visits and donations to 30 orphanages in 15 cities across the archipelago,” Jacky said.

Under “I Do Collaborate,” Huawei worked with the government, business communities, and key stakeholders to accelerate digital transformation in Indonesia. 

During the pandemic, Huawei's “I Do Create” campaign enhanced government institutions', enterprises', and hospitals' operation with the implementation of artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and cloud computing platform. 

The company had also given more than 1,000 cloud accounts for free to 500 universities across Indonesia to support the “Never Stop Learning” initiative in distant learning and digital transformation, Chen said.