Melbourne’s Coffee Scene Takes Jakarta by Storm

Speciality coffee outlets are now in abundance across Jakarta, once a unique attribute of Melbourne.

02 February 2023 | 10:57 AM


Sarinah Duty Free: Govt’s Global Dream for Local Businesses

This event is not only a grand opening of a venue but it carries also a dream from SOE Ministry to introduce local products internationally.

01 February 2023 | 11:40 PM


Steady Rides as More Passengers Choose to Use MRT Post-Pandemic

The Jakarta train system was returning to normal post the COVID-19 pandemic. 

26 January 2023 | 02:30 PM


Chinese Tourists Flock to Bali After Three-Year Hiatus

The I Gusti Ngurah International Airport in Bali on Sunday saw the arrival of 210 Chinese tourists.

24 January 2023 | 09:01 PM


F&B MSMEs Try to Woo Sudirman Station Commuters

On Jan. 17, the entrance to the Sudirman station was buzzing with commuters strolling around a festival dedicated to MSMEs.

24 January 2023 | 04:16 PM


Interfaith Tolerance: Muslim Man Helps Guard Dharma Bhakti Temple

Muslim man Idrus Samalegu has been guarding the Dharma Bhakti Temple in West Jakarta for seven years.

22 January 2023 | 02:23 PM


Year of the Rabbit Brings Good Fortune for Glodok Vendors

With less than a week until the festivities begin, Glodok was bustling with customers preparing for their family gatherings.

20 January 2023 | 01:36 PM


Government Targets 7.4 Million Foreign Tourists for 2023

Between January and October of last year, foreign exchange earnings from tourism stood at $4.26 billion from $500 million a year earlier.

18 January 2023 | 07:46 PM


Many Indonesians to Spend Their Eid Bonus This Year: Survey

A survey finds 53 percent of the respondents are planning to spend their bonus this Ramadan rather than putting it into savings.

12 January 2023 | 11:41 AM


Latto-Latto: How Toy Sellers Win Back Kids’ Hearts in the Digital Age

Toy sellers today have to compete with gadgets, but are now winning back children’s hearts with latto-latto.

05 January 2023 | 05:10 PM