Indonesian Film ‘Lima’ Invited to Kazan Festival

The film is about the implementation of the five principles in Indonesia’s state philosophy Pancasila.

27 January 2020 | 06:48 AM


GoPlay Series 'Saiyo Sakato' Combines Comedy With Minang Culture

The original series also touches on the perennially thorny issue of polygamy.

24 January 2020 | 11:21 PM


'Semesta': Nicholas Saputra-Produced Documentary Mines Local Wisdom to Help Fight Climate Crisis

The documentary shows that nature conservation is already deeply ingrained in local wisdom.

22 January 2020 | 10:55 PM


'Panembahan Reso': First Performance of Rendra's Anti-New Order Play in More Than Three Decades

After 34 years, W.S. Rendra's tale of a bloody power struggle, "Panembahan Reso," will grace the stage again this weekend.

21 January 2020 | 03:41 PM


Colonialism, Afrofuturism, Virtual Reality: the Best of the Singapore Biennale

The sixth edition of the Singapore Biennale has over 200 works from 77 artists at 11 venues until March this year.

20 January 2020 | 01:39 PM


Actress Ade Irawan Passes Away Days After Daughter's Death

Ade, née Arzia Dahar, appeared in at least 110 movies since her debut in "Di Ambang Fajar" (Just Before Dawn) in 1964. 

17 January 2020 | 09:45 PM


'Anak Garuda': New Film Tries to Inspire Young People to Dream Big

Selamat Pagi Indonesia School is back with a new film, this time produced by its very own production house.

14 January 2020 | 02:18 AM


Son of Disappeared Poet Wiji Thukul Stars in New Documentary About His Father

'Nyanyian Akar Rumput' tells the story of disappeared poet Wiji Thukul's son Fajar Merah in overcoming tragedy through music.

10 January 2020 | 03:09 AM


Ahok and Puput Welcome Baby Boy

Ahok married Puput on Jan. 25 last year, just one day after he completed his prison term.

06 January 2020 | 10:49 PM


Opera Gandari Turns Princess Villain Upside Down

Light on dialogue and heavy in symbolism, the play shows the other side of a princess from the Mahabharata often stereotyped as a villain.

14 December 2019 | 12:29 PM