Indonesia to Ship 10,000 N95 Masks to Citizens Trapped in Chinese Cities on Lockdown From Coronavirus

More than 200 Indonesians are not allowed to leave Wuhan, Xianing, Huangshi, Jingzhou, Xianyang Enshi and Shiyan.

28 January 2020 | 06:15 PM


Convicted Criminal Briefly Leads TransJakarta

Donny Saragih has been sentenced to two years in jail by the Supreme Court since February last year.

28 January 2020 | 02:42 AM


Indonesia Issues Travel Warning to China as Coronavirus Outbreak Accelerates

The Chinese government has put 15 cities in Hubei province on lockdown, including the outbreak's epicenter, Wuhan.

27 January 2020 | 07:13 PM


EU to Spend Rp 108b on Strengthening Asean's Disaster Management Center

The EU and Asean have signed an agreement on a joint program to strengthen Southeast Asia's regional disaster management center.

27 January 2020 | 05:22 PM


Three Indonesians Arrested for Malware Attacks Targeting Online Stores

The JS Sniffer malware has infected 2,440 e-commerce websites globally, affecting more than 1.5 million users around the globe.

24 January 2020 | 11:21 PM


E-Cigarette Is Haram: Muhammadiyah

The fatwa encompasses all kinds of cigarettes, either the electronic nicotine or non-nicotine delivery system or heated tobacco products.

24 January 2020 | 09:09 PM


Indonesia, Hungary Commemorate 65 Years of Diplomatic Ties

Hungary invites three Indonesian soccer players to train in the country every year and offers scholarship for 100 Indonesian students.

24 January 2020 | 12:18 PM


Indonesia Extends Anti-Illegal Fishing Task Force

The task force was founded in 2015 and concluded its service in December last year.

24 January 2020 | 01:10 AM


President Defends Prabowo's Frequent Overseas Trips

The Defense Ministry has been receiving the biggest portion of the state budget since 2016.

23 January 2020 | 08:59 PM


Coronavirus Infection Just Like Common Cold: Health Minister

No Indonesian so far has been affected by an outbreak of a new type of coronavirus (novel coronavirus) in Wuhan, China.

23 January 2020 | 08:02 PM