Price Floor for Ride-Hailing Services: a Boon or a Curse for Consumers? 

For customers, a price floor could prevent them from getting the best deals possible.

17 January 2020 | 11:55 AM


Indonesian Universities: World-Class or Removed From Reality?

Academics should engage in more public discussions, helping shape voices and opinions in democratic policy-making.

10 January 2020 | 04:08 PM


How Indonesia Can Help Promote Dialogues Between Ordinary Israelis and Palestinians

Improving people-to-people relations is key to peace in the Middle East.

06 January 2020 | 05:34 PM


Why Customer Experience Is the New Catalyst for Supply Chain Innovation

Despite popular belief, true supply chain innovation does not have to be disruptive.

18 December 2019 | 06:59 PM


Hi TOD, Bye Traffic: Transit-Oriented Development to Transform Jakarta's Urban Transportation

Singapore-based Infrastructure Asia says transit-oriented development (TOD) could be the solution for Jakarta's traffic gridlock.

17 December 2019 | 07:45 PM


Sink 'Em All or Swim With the Current: Reorienting Policy in the Fisheries Sector

Lack of communication between the government and the fisheries sector has been blamed for falling fish export.

25 November 2019 | 12:04 PM


Gov't in Tight Bind Over Repatriation of IS Sympathizers

Indonesian women who migrated to the Islamic State are posing new problems for the government. 

19 November 2019 | 05:42 PM


Companies in Asia Need to Wake Up to New Normal of Climate Change

Asian financial markets are still not as environmentally and socially aware as those in other regions.

16 November 2019 | 01:38 PM


Will Sugary Drinks Tax Keep Indonesians Away From Diabetes?

Diabetes and obesity lead to heart disease and stroke, the two most common causes of premature death in Indonesia.

15 November 2019 | 03:01 PM


Heavy Metal Children: Lead Exposure a Real Danger in Jakarta's Playgrounds

A recent study found that at least 69 percent of all playground equipment in Jakarta has a lead concentration exceeding safety standards.

11 November 2019 | 04:43 PM