The Role of Gas in Indonesia’s Net-Zero Journey

As the largest economy and regional emitter, Indonesia will be critical in steering Southeast Asia's energy future.

09 November 2022 | 02:03 PM


Supply Chain Evolution in Indonesia: a CEO’s Guide

Businesses in Asia are rethinking a just-in-time supply chain strategy by stockpiling and diversifying their suppliers.

26 October 2022 | 06:29 PM


Think Global, Act Local to Transform Cities and Our Planet

Climate change issues vary from city to city and require a crucial understanding of local conditions and concerns.

25 October 2022 | 03:27 PM


Russian Imperialism at War with Central and Eastern Europe

Russia has always wanted power over all of Central and Eastern Europe. But a free Poland and free Ukraine will never agree to this.

18 September 2022 | 04:40 AM


Inflation and Financial Sector Deepening

Indonesia needs to increase its financial sector intermediation capacity to support its recovery.

16 September 2022 | 04:30 PM


Pivoting Towards Green Buildings to Secure A Liveable Future for All

Buildings have a huge potential to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, making a real difference in the environment

14 September 2022 | 07:01 PM


The SCO Samarkand Summit: Dialogue and Cooperation in an Interconnected World

Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev talks about Uzbekistan's chairmanship in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

12 September 2022 | 09:21 AM


Indonesia's Food Insecurity and Islamic Finance

The percentage of agricultural financing is at a negligible level among Indonesian Islamic banks.

24 August 2022 | 02:17 PM


Improving Digital Access and Utilization for SMEs

The utilization and literacy of the digital economy, especially e-payments, are still minimal.

15 August 2022 | 02:58 PM


Nuclear Deterrence in Perilous Years

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine would not have happened had Ukraine not surrendered its nuclear arsenal in 1994.

22 July 2022 | 06:50 PM