Idul Fitri at Sunda Kelapa Port

Jakartans who live in North Jakarta gathered in Al-Bahrain Mosque inside Batavia's Sunda Kelapa Port on Thursday morning

13 May 2021 | 03:39 PM


Repent and Clean: Former Hoodlums Remove Tattoos as Penitence

Islamic Medical Service and Baznas DKI Jakarta held a free tattoo removal service at the Assahara Mosque in West Jakarta on May 5, 2021.

10 May 2021 | 02:38 PM


Ustaz Yahya, A Modern Abunawas from Tangerang

Ustaz Yahya Edward Hendrawan, a modern Abunawas from Tangerang. He dressed himself as a funny clown to teach Islamic religion to children

02 May 2021 | 01:09 PM


Stranded Refugees Observe Ramadan in Protest Against UNHCR

A group of refugees and asylum seekers back to live on the sidewalks in front of the offices of the UNHCR in Central Jakarta.

28 April 2021 | 04:38 PM


Istiqlal Mosque Welcomes Worshipers Again After Major Overhaul

Jakarta residents perform Friday prayers at the newly renovated Istiqlal Mosque in Central Jakarta on April 23, 2021.

26 April 2021 | 10:03 AM


Without Sight, There is Still Light

Raudlatul Makfufin —an Islamic boarding school for the visually impaired— teaches their students how to read the Koran in braille.

21 April 2021 | 05:31 PM


Sharing is Caring: Iftar Meals for the Less Fortunate

Residents of Cempaka Putih Tengah opened up a sidewalk stall to share iftar —fast-breaking meals eaten after sunset— for the less fortunate.

20 April 2021 | 12:33 PM


Save Papua's Forests: Greenpeace

Greenpeace Indonesia's activists held a rally in front of the environment ministry building to protest land-clearing practices in Papua.

11 April 2021 | 01:33 PM


Hair Donation for Cancer Survivors

YKI launched "Hair to Share" program to foster self-confidence among cancer survivors in need of emotional support due to hair loss.

31 March 2021 | 10:32 PM


Back to Analog: Jakarta's Film Photography Trend

The film photography trend is still going strong in the capital thanks to the younger generation's curiosity.

29 March 2021 | 10:47 AM