The move is expected to facilitate increased economic activity in the region. (Reuters Photo/Toby Melville)

Bakamla Gears Up to Guard Masela Block


MARCH 25, 2016

Jakarta. The Indonesian Maritime Security Agency, or Bakamla, will provide security for the Masela Block onshore LNG plant, which is expected to increase maritime economic activity in the region.

Bakamla will guarantee the safety and security of the maritime activties, Rear Admiral Dick R Munaf said on Thursday (24/03) on behalf of Vice Admiral Desi Albert Mamahit.

Dicky said the onshore facility construction would bring heavy traffic from land to sea to support the development of the Masela Block, which is worth trillions of rupiah.

“According to its functions and duties, Bakamla is to guarantee the safety and security of all maritime economic activities related to Masela Block,” Dicky said, adding that sea traffic is expected from all directions and special security mechanisms must be developed.

The Masela block is in the Arafura Sea, directly bordering Australia. The sea depth of the block is between 400 and 800 meters, at around 300 kilometers from Darwin, Australia. The nearest land mass is Tanimbar Island in Southwest Maluku.