Budget airline Wings Air will offer two new flights from Pontianak in Indonesia to two Malaysian cities in Kalimantan. (Photo courtesy of Lion Air Group)

Budget Carrier Wings Air Offers New Flights From Pontianak to Malaysia's Kuching and Miri


JANUARY 16, 2018

Jakarta. Budget airline Wings Air plans to offer new flights from Pontianak in Indonesia to two Malaysian cities on the island of Kalimantan to meet growing demand from tourists and businesspeople, the airline's spokesperson said in a statement on Monday (15/01).

Wings Air is part of aviation-focused Lion Air Group.

Ramaditya Handoko, the group's corporate communications officer, said Wings Air will offer two new flights from Pontianak, West Kalimantan's capital, to Kuching, the capital of Malaysia's Sarawak state in the north of the island, and to Miri on the northwest coast of Malaysian Kalimantan.

The maiden flight on the Pontianak-Kuching route will take place on Jan. 24.

"Wings Air will use ATR 72-500 or ATR 72-600 planes for the flight, both of which can fit 72 economy-class seats," Ramaditya said in a statement.

There will be two flights available per day on the Pontianak-Kuching route.

Ramaditya said Wings Air does not rule out the possibility of adding more flights on this route if necessary.

He said the airline expects business and travel trips between the two cities to be more common in the next few years. "The new flight should help boost economic growth in Pontianak," Ramaditya said.

The Pontianak-Miri flight will also be launched soon, though no specific date or schedule has been unveiled for it.

Wings Air plans to offer more new flights and has ordered five more leased ATR 72-600 planes expected for delivery this year.

Lion Air Group wants to help the government reach its ambitious target of bringing in 2.5 million foreign tourists to Indonesia by offering more overseas flights.

The group's other budget airline Lion Air and its full service carrier Batik Air have plans to open 27 new international routes.

Lion Air Group managing director Daniel Kuncoro said the group is waiting for the government to grant the licenses for the new routes.