Chicco Jerikho, left, and Rio Dewanto during the filming of 'Filosofi Kopi Ben & Jody' in South Jakarta on Thursday (05/01). (JG Photo/Lisa Siregar)

Chicco Jerikho, Rio Dewanto Talk Character Development in 'Filosofi Kopi' Sequel


JANUARY 05, 2017

Jakarta. Actors Chicco Jerikho and Rio Dewanto said their characters are becoming more mature in "Filosofi Kopi: Ben & Jody," which is set to open in Indonesian cinemas in July.

Chicco plays Ben, a barista with a deep passion for Indonesian coffee but no clue about running a business. This is where Jody, played by Rio, takes responsibility. In the 2015 drama "Filosofi Kopi," the two of them had a huge fight after Ben's obsession for making the perfect coffee and Jody's refusal to run an unprofitable business. The story ends with the two selling their coffee shop so they can travel around Indonesia.

Speaking at the filming location in Blok M, South Jakarta, on Thursday (05/01), Chicco said their characters are essentially still the same people.

"They are the same but after taking the trip around Indonesia, they are becoming more mature. They have more experience. Ben is no longer as fiery as he once was in the first movie, but I have to say, he is still kind of a jerk," Chicco said, with a laugh.

Rio said Jody has more things to consider in running a business and no longer only focuses on profitability.

"After two years of traveling, I would say Jody is not as stingy as he used to be," Rio said.

"But he is still stingy," Chicco quickly added.

Ben and Jody will meet new characters, Tarra and Brie. Tarra, played by Luna Maya, is Jody's business partner, while Brie, played by Nadine Alexandra, is a barista from Melbourne who runs things differently than Ben.

"Filosofi Kopi: Ben & Jody" is directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko and written by Jenny Jusuf and M. Irfan Ramli.