The Golden Space Indonesia is located in the Sudirman Park Complex in Central Jakarta. (JG Photo/Sylviana Hamdani)

The Golden Space Indonesia Offers Meditation, Gentle Yoga and Energy Healing Classes


AUGUST 07, 2016

Jakarta. Life in Jakarta is like a rat race. You always have to be faster and better than everyone else to get ahead in the city.

"There are so many pressures and stresses in this city that people no longer know themselves," said fashion entrepreneur Cindy Gozali at a press conference for The Golden Space Indonesia in Central Jakarta on Friday (05/08). "I used to live my days in worries and fears."

A good friend then took Cindy to a meditation community in Jakarta.

"I learned to meditate (in the community) and grew to like it," said the 36-year-old. "I came out from these (meditation) sessions calmer and fresher."

Cindy's friend then introduced her to an expert in meditation and founder of The Golden Space centers, Umesh Nandwani, who then taught her more about meditation and balancing of energies.

"Meditation is not just for relaxation," said Nandwani. "Meditation is to connect to yourself so that you can start your journey to self-discovery — who you are, what potentials you have in yourself and what you're here for."

Soon, their small meditation community grew.

"There are now more than 500 of us in Jakarta," said Cindy. "We meet once a week to meditate together."

Cindy then decided to set up The Golden Space Indonesia in Jakarta.

"I have found peace and happiness through [The Golden Space's] programs," Cindy said. "And I want as many people as possible to be able to feel what I feel."

The Golden Space was first started in Singapore in January 2005. Another center was opened in Selangor, Malaysia in 2009.

The Golden Space Indonesia (TGSI) is located in the Sudirman Park Complex in Central Jakarta. The center boasts a spacious meditation room that can easily accommodate 35 people, two smaller rooms for private sessions and a health shop.

Its programs comprise meditation, energy healing and gentle yoga by certified local and international practitioners.

"Our classes are universal," said Bagia A. Saputra, director of TGSI. "Everyone, notwithstanding their religious beliefs, may take part in our lessons."

They also have meditation classes for children between four and 12 years old.

"Parents should accompany their kids in these classes," said Bagia. "It will help them bond as they learn meditation together."

Twice a year, the center will present The Golden Space's special program, called "Awaken the Divine You," which is designed to connect people to their inner selves and to help them become more intuitive in their life journeys. Nandwani will conduct this special program himself.

"The program has transformed my life," Bagia said. "We now offer it to everyone who wants to live more happily, healthily and successfully."