Indomie is present in 97.5 percent of households in Indonesia. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

Indomie Still Reigns Supreme as Indonesia's Top Brand


JUNE 24, 2019

Jakarta. Kantar, a London-based market research firm, has released the results of its annual Brand Footprint report, which measures which brands are purchased most often by consumers.

The report covers various categories of fast-moving consumer goods, such as food, beverages, dairy, home care, health and beauty products. It analyzed more than 21,400 household brands in 49 countries across five continents and 72 percent of the global population⁠ – a total of one billion households.

In Indonesia, food products still dominate local brands' market share. The iconic Indomie, Indonesia's beloved instant noodle brand, ranked first for the seventh consecutive year, penetrating 97.5 percent of households in the country.

The most popular home care brand is So Klin, a detergent brand, which ranked second. Instant coffee brand Kapal Api took the third spot, being present in eight out of ten households. Food additive Royco ranked fourth, followed by another instant noodle brand, Mie Sedaap.

Completing the top ten list are milk producer Frisian Flag, fabric softener Molto, processed food manufacturer Indofood and shower gel brand Lifebuoy. Royco, Molto and Lifebuoy are produced by consumer goods giant Unilever Indonesia.

Fanny Murhayati, the marketing director of Kantar's Indonesian branch, said that brands can implement a number of strategies to stay ahead.

"They can target potential buyers, increase their availability to selected geographical areas or diversify their products," Fanny said in Jakarta on Friday.

Kantar Indonesia general manager Venu Madhav stressed the importance of attracting more buyers and making them purchase a product repeatedly.

"A brand must continue to be relevant to changing consumer needs and be able to identify new opportunities to grow," Madhav said.

Globally, Coca-Cola is still the world's most chosen brand with consumers buying the soft drink 5.9 billion times last year. Second-placed Colgate remains the only brand chosen by more than half of the global population – present in six out of ten households. They are followed by Maggi and Lifebuoy respectively.