Indonesia plans to sell its locally produced N219 propeller airplane to China and Mexico. (B1 Photo/Adi Marsiela)

Indonesia to Export Locally Produced N219 Plane to China, Mexico


NOVEMBER 07, 2017

Jakarta. Indonesia plans to sell its locally produced N219, a 19-seater propeller airplane manufactured by state-owned aerospace company Dirgantara Indonesia, to China and Mexico, taking advantage of airworthiness agreements Indonesia has signed with both countries.

China and Indonesia signed a bilateral agreement in 2000 that allows any aircraft certified in one country to fly over the other country's territory and vice versa.

Indonesia will sign a similar agreement with Mexico on Friday (10/17), Agus Santoso, the director general of air transportation at the Transportation Ministry, said on Monday.

"We've conducted a test flight for N219 in August. Other tests will be done soon," Agus said.

The N219 is expected to enter service in 2019.

"We want to expand the market for Dirgantara Indonesia's products, including to China and Mexico," Agus said.

Dirgantara Indonesia and the National Space and Aviation Agency (Lapan) have been developing the aircraft since 2011 to fill in demand for small airplanes capable of landing and taking off from rudimentary airstrips in remote areas of the country.

The N219 is equipped with two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-52 turboprop engines and is capable of transporting up to 19 passengers.

The airplane can also be transformed to carry cargo or perform medical evacuations.