Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, director of citizen protection and legal aid at the Foreign Affairs Ministry (Antara Photo/Yashinta Difa)

Indonesian Man Caught Hiding in Jet's Landing Gear at Penang Airport


MAY 14, 2019

Jakarta. Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry confirmed on Tuesday that Malaysian Police had arrested an Indonesian man who was hiding in a jet's landing gear at Penang International Airport. The man was reportedly trying to hitch a free ride back to his hometown of Medan. 

"An Indonesian citizen, with the initials G.R., from Medan [North Sumatra] is now being detained by the Pulau Penang Police," Lalu Muhammad Iqbal, director of citizen protection and legal aid at the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, said. 

Malaysian news agency Bernama reported that the 39-year-old man was spotted by a technician, who was conducting maintenance on a cargo plane, when he tried to slide out of the jet's landing gear.

Airport security apprehended the man and handed him over to the police.

The man was a worker at a poultry processing factory. He reportedly tried to hitch a free ride as a wheel-well stowaway because he had no money to buy a plane ticket back to Medan. 

He is facing a maximum penalty of two years of imprisonment or a fine of RM 1000 ($240), or both.

"The Indonesian Consulate General in Penang is being updated on the case by the local authorities, and will keep monitoring the investigation," Lalu said.