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'No More Inefficient or Intolerant Indonesia!': Jokowi's New Vision

Nur Yasmin
July 14, 2019 | 11:29 pm
President Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo delivers his new five-point vision for Indonesia. (Antara Photo/Hafidz Mubarak A.)
President Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo delivers his new five-point vision for Indonesia. (Antara Photo/Hafidz Mubarak A.)

Jakarta. President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has delivered a new five-point vision for Indonesia in which he promised to overhaul the country's infrastructure, human capital, investment climate, bureaucracy and state budget.

He also promised to fight off creeping intolerance in Indonesia. 

Jokowi, who won April's presidential election with 55 percent of the vote, received a major political boost on Saturday when long-time rival Prabowo Subianto finally met and congratulated him for his win after months of contesting the election result. 

Many observers are saying the long-awaited thaw in the rift between the two fierce rivals pointed to an improved political stability in the next five years, which the president will need to make good on his promises of reform. 

The following is the full text of the president's speech, delivered to an audience of thousands at Sentul International Convention Center in Bogor, West Java, on Sunday: 

"We must realize that we now live in a global environment that is ever-changing, dynamic, full of risks, complexities and surprises that are often far beyond our calculation. 

We must leave the old models and find a new model, a new method, new values that will help us find solutions for our problems.

We must leave behind old habits in government agencies, organizations and the cabinet. What was ineffective has to be made effective, what was inefficient must be made more efficient.

This is the type of management we need right now. We must make our country more productive, more competitive and more flexible to adapt to changes. We needed big steps this time. 

First, infrastructure development has to continue. We will build bigger, better, more connected infrastructures – highways, trains, seaports, airports, special economic zones and tourist destinations.

Second, human capital development is the key to our future and, thus, our priority right now. We will focus on ensuring health for women, children and students. This should be a golden age for our human capital. There should be no more cases of stunting, and we must reduce  maternal mortality and child mortality rates.

This is a big task. We must improve the quality of our education and build more vocational training schools. We will have a talent management agency for young Indonesians. The government will help develop local talents. The Indonesian diaspora must also contribute to their development. This agency will help them to be more competitive globally.

Third, we must open up investment opportunities as wide as we could, which means we will open up more employment opportunities. No one should be allergic to investment. Everything that hampers investment must be overhauled, including slow and complicated bureaucracy, and especially money politics. This is a warning. I will hunt these [problems] down. I will monitor them, I will check on them, I will finish them off if that's what's needed of me. 

Fourth, we must reform our bureaucracy, structurally reform it so government agencies become simpler and can act faster. This is also a warning. If the mindset of our bureaucracy cannot change itself, I will cut it down myself. Speedy service is key to our bureaucratic reforms. I will monitor it myself, I will take control of it myself. I assure you, I will fire them [civil servants who slow down bureaucracy]. We need brave ministers. I will disband useless and problematic agencies.

We no longer want old mindsets; we no longer want linear, monotone, ways of doing things in the government. Don't stay in your comfort zone, that's where the disease lies. We must change, we must change, we must change.

We need to create new work habits that allow us to adapt quickly to new development. We have to start building a more adaptive, innovative and competitive Indonesia.

Fifth, we must ensure more efficient dispersal of the state budget. Every rupiah that comes out of the budget must benefit the economy and welfare of the people.

But I must remind you that big dreams can only be realized if we are united! If we are optimistic! If we are confident! We must remember that our country is a big country! A country with 17,000 islands spread over a strategic geopolitical location. We are a country with Bhinneka Tunggal Ika [Unity in Diversity]! We have extraordinary cultural wealth. Our demographics are also very strong! We have a total population of 267 million, the majority of whom are in productive age.

We must be optimistic about the future! We must be confident and brave in facing the challenges of global competition. We must develop the confidence that we can become one of the strongest countries in the world.

National unity will be key to achieve progress. We must continue to strengthen our unity and brotherhood! Only by being united will we become a strong and respected country in the world! Pancasila is the only national ideology that every citizen of this country must believe in!

In a democracy, you can support any political candidate of your choice. You can be militant in your support. Playing the part of the opposition is a noble cause, as long as you don't do it out of a desire for revenge. There is no place for hate, insults and invectives.

We have our religions, our ethical traditions, our manners and our noble culture to guide us. 

Pancasila is our home, we live in it together as compatriots! We will not tolerate anyone who discredits Pancasila, anyone who dares to question its values! Every Indonesian has to believe in Bhinneka Tunggal Ika! Every Indonesian has to be tolerant of differences. Every Indonesian has to respect the followers of other religions and members of ethnic groups other than their own.

Again, our ideology is Pancasila. We want to live together in Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, in diversity. These are two beautiful pillars of our country. To be brothers are beautiful. To be united is beautiful.

I am sure all of us are committed to putting in place a civilized democracy, a democracy that will create an Indonesia with a strong personality, with dignity, an advanced, just and prosperous Indonesia.

An advanced Indonesia is an Indonesia where no single person is left behind to achieve their goals. A democratic Indonesia should be enjoyed by all the people, every citizen should have the same rights before the law. We want an Indonesia with world-class technology and scientists, a stable and secure Indonesia in an increasingly competitive world.

This is not about me, or you. Nor is it about us, or them. No West versus East. No North versus South. Now is not the time to think about divisions. It's time to think about building a nation together. We should never hesitate to move forward, we can do it as long as we are united!"

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