Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) has started preparations for fire prevention during the approaching dry season. (Photo courtesy of RAPP)

RAPP Steps Up Fire-Prevention Measures as Dry Season Approaches


MAY 17, 2018

Jakarta. Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper, or RAPP, one of Indonesia's a largest pulp and paper producers, has started preparations for fire prevention during the approaching annual dry season, which normally lasts from May to October.

Yuneldi, RAPP's fire and aviation manager, said members of the company's firefighting team have already established 20 camps from where they watch over vulnerable estates in the Pelalawan region, Meranti Islands and Siak, among others, to prevent forest fires near or inside RAPP's concession area.

"Our target is absolutely zero fires. We've already sent our firefighters to monitor the forest," Yuneldi said in a press statement on Wednesday (16/05).

At least five fully equipped firemen are stationed at each of the camps, while the company's fire and aviation team also added seven weather stations to the existing 29 installed on various estates. The weather stations are instrumental in the remote monitoring of humidity, temperatures and local weather conditions.

"We've also installed cameras in various locations, including monitor rooms on all estates, and now we are preparing additional monitor rooms at the camps in Pangkalan Kerinci," Yuneldi said.

He added that RAPP's firefighters are patrolling the estates daily, assisted by local law enforcement officers and residents.

Yuneldi said according to the fire danger index, the situation is still under control, but that the company must remain vigilant until the situation is truly safe.