Senior actor Rudy Wowor passed away at the age of 74. (Photo courtesy of

Villain Specialist Rudy Wowor Dies at 74

OCTOBER 05, 2018

Jakarta. Senior actor and dancer, Rudolf Canesius Soemolang Wowor, popularly known as Rudy Wowor, passed away in Jakarta on Friday morning  (05/10) at the age of 74.

Rudy, who was half-Dutch amd born in Amsterdam in 1943, was most famous for his roles as villains in Indonesian movies, telenovelas and on the theatrical stage.

In films such as "Tjoet Nja' Dhien" (1986) dan "Soerabaia '45" (1990), Rudy often plays the roles of Dutch colonial officers.

Indonesian designer Samuel Watimena confirmed the actor’s passing to He also said the details of Rudy’s passing were still unknown.

By early hours on Friday, thousands of tweets expressing condolences and celebrating the actor's long career had been posted using the #RudyWowor hashtag.

Film director and producer Joko Anwar tweeted, "Rest in Peace, Rudy Wowor. A screen legend."

Filmmaker Nia Dinata, who had worked with Rudy several times, also expressed her condolences in a tweet: "Rest in peace Rudy Wowor, one of the best actors in our film Quickie Express. Your dedication to film and dance won’t be forgotten."

The Dutch-Manadonese actor started his career in 1970 and had starring roles in "Impian Perawan" (1976), "Aladin" (1980), "Tjoet Nja' Dhien" and and "Soerabaia '45."

Rudy was nominated as a best supporting actor in the 1988 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) for his role as Dutch officer Veltman in "Tjoet Nja' Dhien," a biopic of the Aceh war heroine.

A funeral service for Rudy was held at the home of his son, Michael Wowor, in Depok, West Java.