Chandni Chainani, head of sales Zilingo Indonesia, Melina Marpaung; head of marketplace Zilingo Indonesia, Sisilia Zulfiyantini; Partner Zilingo, and Sarah Humaira; marketing director Zilingo Indonesia. (Photo courtesy of Zilingo)

Zilingo Provides Scholarships and Medical Insurance for Local Partners in Indonesia


SEPTEMBER 08, 2018

Jakarta. Zilingo, one of the latest fashion and lifestyle marketplace to enter the Indonesia, is actively investing in local partners and helping out small businesses.

Melina Marpau, head of marketplace for Zilingo Indonesia said in a press release that one of the ways it is investing is through providing scholarships to learn english for 200 of its partners across 18 provinces.

Sisilia Zulfiyanti, Zilingo’s partner in Bandung was among the first awardees to receive the scholarship. Sisilia is the owner of clothing brand called 2nd Red.

“I’m very happy. It’s been a dream of mine to one day be able to sell my products abroad. I hope that through this scholarship to learn english, I can be more confident in expanding my business to other countries,” said Sisilia.

“Education helps our partners find more opportunities to expand their business abroad,” said Melina in a press release on Thursday (06/09).

Zilingo is also offering scholarships their partners’ children, as well as sponsoring free medical check-ups for partners.

“Many of our partners spend all their time developing their business, often putting their health and well-being on the line. We wanted our partners to know that we appreciate them, and that we take care of our own, the free medical check-up is the least we can do for now,” said Sarah Humaira, marketing director for Zilingo Indonesia.

Each month Zilingo partners also receive training on how to use the companies dashboard to upload their products and determine prices, as well as updating them on the latest fashion trends.

Zilingo also helps them to take pictures of their products and create catchy descriptions to help them better sell their products online.