BNI Joins Hands With OnlinePajak to Boost Tax Collection

BNI's Bob T. Ananta, sitting left, and OnlinePajak founder and director Charles Guinot, sitting right, signed an MoU on Wednesday (06/04). (Antara Photo/M. Agung Rajasa)

By : Ratri M. Siniwi | on 9:31 PM April 06, 2016
Category : Business, Corporate News

Jakarta. State-owned Bank Negara Indonesia has signed a memorandum of understanding with the company behind online-based tax application OnlinePajak to make paying taxes easier.

Under the deal, signed on Wednesday (06/04) in Jakarta, corporate customers of BNI can prepare, pay and file their tax returns online via OnlinePajak, and OnlinePajak users can pay their taxes using their BNI account.

“This partnership proves our seriousness in assisting the government. People must pay their taxes, and now with the online payment option, there is a more convenient solution for both corporate and individual customers,” said Bob T. Anantha, BNI's director of planning and operations.

Bob signed the memorandum together with OnlinePajak founder and director Charles Guinot.

The banker said he was optimistic that the agreement would lead more corporate taxpayers with large volumes of transactions to pay their taxes through BNI, pushing Indonesia towards the paperless, digital era.

“When I first arrived in Indonesia, I thought that the tax system was a bit difficult, so I wanted to find a more feasible solution for my company and the public,” added Guinot, a Frenchman.

OnlinePajak was founded in September 2014 with the aim of easing the administrative burdens of preparing, paying and filing taxes online through a seamless integrated application.

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