President Orders Work on LRT Projects to Be Sped Up

Heavy machinery sitting idle at an LRT construction site in Bekasi, on the eastern outskirts of Jakarta, after residents complained about the noise. (Antara Photo/Risky Andrianto)

By : Ratri M Siniwi & Novianti Setuningsih | on 10:15 PM March 29, 2016
Category : Business, Corporate News

Jakarta. President Joko Widodo has expressed his concerns with the limited progress so far on the construction of light rail transit (LRT) systems in Jakarta and Palembang, saying they should be operational before the 2018 Asian Games.

Jakarta and Palembang will host the games from Aug. 18 to Sept. 2, 2018, and the government's plan was to have the LRT systems integrated with other modes of transportation by then.

Bandung is building a similar system but is also experiencing delays.

"This is our fifth meeting regarding the LRT projects, and it should be the last one,” Joko told officials on Tuesday (29/03). “The Asian Games 2018 are coming up, and we need to complete the LRT projects by then."

Joko also said the LRT systems should be connection to existing train and bus networks as well as airports.

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