Faby Tsui, chief operating officer of Cakra Motor Sports, with the distributor's new Ducati Scrambler lineup on Sunday (07/03). (JG Photo/Dion Bisara)

Ducati Scrambles for Bigger Share of the Big Bike Market in Indonesia


APRIL 08, 2019

Jakarta. Cakra Motor Sports, the authorized distributor of Ducati motorcycles in Indonesia, unveiled four new Scrambler models from the Italian manufacturer on Sunday (07/04) as it seeks to boost interest in the local imported big bike market.

Sunday's event at Cakra Motor's headquarters in Kemang, South Jakarta, also launched the company as the new distributor and after-sales service provider for Ducati in Indonesia, taking over the role from Garansindo Euro Sports. 

"We've introduced these new Ducati Scramblers to spark a new trend for big bike enthusiasts and for us," said Faby Tsui, the chief operating officer of Cakra Motor. 

Cakra Motor has brought in four new Scrambler models for its 2019 lineup: Icon, Desert Sled, Full Throttle and Café Racer.

All of them offer improved safety features, updated design and better comfort. The Icon is priced at Rp 369 million ($26,000) while the rest of the models sell for Rp 429 million before taxes and registration fees.  

Interest in big bikes in Indonesia has dropped in the past three years after the government slapped expensive luxury item taxes on them.  

Data from the United Nation Comtrade showed Indonesia imported 2,844 motorcycles with a displacement of more than 500 cc last year, far lower than the 4,077 units imported during the big bike boom in 2015.

But the 2018 figure is already double that from a year earlier, indicating a rebound. 

Ducati fans at Sunday's event pointed out that the progressive tax on big bikes, which rises for each additional bike bought by the owner, has discouraged people from buying new big-displacement motorcycles.

The higher import tax imposed by the government last year to reign in a widening trade deficit also gives big bike fans more reason to reconsider new purchases.

All these taxes have pushed prices of the Ducati Scrambler in Indonesia up by more than 150 percent compared to prices in the European and US markets.  

But Faby said she remains optimistic about the Scrambler's prospect in Indonesia, singling out the upward trend in sales of the model in the past three years as proof that the Scrambler holds a special appeal for Indonesian customers.

Ducati has sold more than 300 Scramblers in Indonesia since it was introduced to the local market at the Indonesian International Motor Show in April 2016. 

Worldwide, Ducati has sold more than 55,000 Scramblers since its launch in 2014.