Carissa Puteri (left), Fajar Putra and Titi DJ at a press conference at the Plaza Indonesia shopping mall on Tuesday (16/05). (JG Photo/Diella Yasmine)

Fajar Putra Explores Chakra Spirtuality in Yoga Exhibition

MAY 22, 2017

Jakarta. Acclaimed yoga instructor Fajar Putra channeled the seven major chakras, or energy points, of Hindu and Buddhist spirituality at his newest photo exhibition in Jakarta on Tuesday (16/05).

The exhibition, "Yoga Anchors All: Journey of Modern Self Enlightenment Through Your Seven Chakras," was held at La Moda restaurant in the Plaza Indonesia shopping mall.

Fajar, known to many Indonesian youth for his popular Instagram account, @PENYogastar, collaborated with renowned photographer Diera Bachir and celebrity stylist Caren Delano to demonstrate the benefits of chakra spirituality in acroyoga – a mix of conventional yoga with acrobatic positions.

"This exhibition is the first acroyoga photo exhibition ever in Indonesia. No one has really made this kind of event before," Fajar said.

The exhibition's theme, "Yoga Anchors All," conveyed the seven chakras, sometimes described as "wheels of energy," to an audience with limited exposure to such spiritual practices, Fajar said.

"Chakra is a wheel of energy throughout the body, and I think it is interesting to take this theme because no one never really heard about it.”

The exhibition featured photographs of 18 widely known celebrities, including Raisa Andriani, Pevita Pearce and Gisella Anastasia. Each celebrity, Fajar said, represented one of the seven chakras.

Fajar and Diera said they tried to visualize energy levels represented by the seven chakras by incorporating different slogans in the exhibition; I AM, I FEEL, I DO, I LOVE, I SPEAK, I SEE and I UNDERSTAND.

Actress Wanda Hamidah posed for photographs featuring the "I DO" chakra, Fajar said, because she is "fearless [about her roles] and doesn't take 'no' for an answer."

Actress and politician, Wanda Hamidah posing with yoga instructor Fajar Putra. (Photo courtesy of @PENYogastar)

Stylist Caren provided each star with fashion accessories ranging from brands like Dior, Gucci, Burberry and Calvin Klein.

"We are thankful for the high fashion brands in Plaza Indonesia that provided us with their latest collections," Caren said.

Each photo on display at the exhibition is intended to demonstrate the principals of acroyoga and the seven major chakras to achieve physical and spiritual balance.

"I want to promote a healthy lifestyle through something creative and inspiring. I hope that after this [exhibition] people might be interested to get to know more about yoga or acroyoga," Fajar said.

The celebrities featured in the exhibition include Raisa Andriani, Pevita Pearce, Luna Maya, Indah Kalalo, Titi DJ, Endhita Wibisono, Lala Karmela, Tatjana Saphira, Ayla Dimitri, Nagita Slavina, Ashanty and her step daughter Aurelie Hermansyah, as well as Carissa Puteri, Olla Ramlan, Mesty Ariotedjo, Gisella Anastasia, Andien Aisyah, and Wanda Hamidah.

Pop-Jazz singer Andien posing with yoga instructor Fajar Putra. The acclaimed yoga instructor channeled the seven major chakras, or energy points, of Hindu and Buddhist spirituality at his newest photo exhibition in Jakarta on Tuesday (16/05). (Photo courtesy of @PENYogastar)