Indonesian Film Festival Returns to Jakarta, Promises Fresh Start


OCTOBER 03, 2018

Jakarta. The annual Indonesian Film Festival, or FFI, returns to Jakarta this year with promises of a fresh start and a series of brand new programs.

FFI was held for the first time in 1955, and has become a barometer of Indonesian films.

FFI winners win a golden trophy called Piala Citra.

The festival has faced criticisms for being too insular and organizers are working hard to make it more inclusive.

According to a statement released on Monday (01/10), FFI will start with a fresh agenda this year.

The director general of culture at the Education and Culture Ministry, Hilmar Farid, told during FFI’s launch in Central Jakarta on Monday (01/10) that the festival will be run by a new committee in the next three years.

The new FFI committee will focus on efforts to improve the "cultural and aesthetic" aspects of Indonesian films.

Committee head Lukman Sardi, a Citra Best Actor winner in 2006 for "Berbagi Suami" ("Sharing a Husband"), said in a statement the committee will do much more than just organizing the award ceremony.

They will also host master classes, workshops, film screenings and "film appreciation" nights.

The latter is a special program to give recognition to individuals who have made significant contributions to Indonesia's film industry.

Lukman said some of the programs will be done in conjunction with activities organized by the Education and Culture Ministry.

Judging will take place from Oct. 2 to 25. The judges will be made up of respected members of the film community.

Nominated films will be judged on the strength of their ideas, themes, aesthetic qualities and professionalism.

A roadshow is planned to promote the festival in several cities across Indonesia.

This year's FFI will have 23 categories. Nominated films must have been released in Indonesian cinemas between Oct. 1 last year to Sept. 30 this year.

The Citra winners are set to be announced on Nov. 6.