More Forest Products in Indonesia Need to Get Certified: FSC

Illegal exports of timber from Cambodia to Vietnam surged in recent months despite an export ban aimed at countering rapid deforestation in one Southeast Asia's poorest countries, an environmentalist group said in a report on Monday (08/05). (Antara Photo/Sahlan Kurniawan)

By : Ratri M. Siniwi | on 8:54 PM October 07, 2016
Category : Business, Environment

Jakarta. The local arm of Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, an international NGO for responsible forest management, wants to introduce their certification scheme to more forest industry players.

Activist have raised alarms bells over the issue of forest conservation in the country for a long time. So far, only 2 million hectares of forest areas in Indonesia have been FSC-certified.

"FSC Indonesia needs to actively introduce the FSC certification scheme to forest product industry players to ensure production processes are environmentally friendly, responsible and from a traceable origin," FSC Indonesia representative, Hartono Prabowo, said in a statement on Friday (07/10).

The organization also aims to educate consumers about the certification to help them become more responsible in purchasing goods, as FSC-certified products will have the label printed on their packaging.

According to the FSC, this is a necessary move as Indonesians still lack understanding and awareness of responsible consumerism, especially of forest-based products.

The organization claims 82 percent of FSC certificate holders say their brand value has improved. 90 percent say the certification helped them create a positive brand image.

FSC Indonesia has been carrying out awareness campaigns promoting eco-friendly choices to alter consumers' shopping habits.

The certification is sorely needed, Hartono claimed, especially considering Indonesia has abundant forest resources but also a forest management system that leaves a lot to be desired.


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