Scientists Propose Possible Solution for Jakarta Waste Woes

By : Jakarta Globe | on 7:45 PM November 20, 2015
Category : News, Jakarta, Environment

Jakarta. Leading minds at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, or LIPI, have devised an eco-friendly solution to the country's growing garbage disposal woes, developing a pollutant-free plasma incinerator which can burn waste without producing toxic fumes.

“Plasma units apply non-thermal plasma methods that can turn toxic gases into nontoxic gases," LIPI senior researcher Anto Tri Sugiarto told a discussion at the institute on Friday, as quoted by

He explained that such incinerators could be designed for use at dump sites, but also for smaller-scale uses.

The heat produced by the incinerators can also produce electricity, said Rahardjo Binudi, another senior researcher at LIPI.

Jakarta creates 8,000 tons of garbage a day and will require a least ten large-scale incinerators, each capable of producing 20 megawatts of electricity.

Raharjo said the use of plasma incinerators could prevent disputes like the one currently surrounding the Bantargebang landfill.

The landfill in Bekasi, West Java, has long been the final destination for the capital's garbage. But the Bekasi government in October raised objections to the current agreement, complaining that Jakarta garbage trucks flout regulations passing through Bekasi streets outside of permitted hours and spill liquid waste outside of the designated area.

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