Four Indonesian Designers Go to Seoul and Tokyo Fashion Weeks

Models present Kami's collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2018. (Antara Foto/Sigid Kurniawan)

By : Sylviana Hamdani | on 1:50 PM March 11, 2018
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Jakarta. Four Indonesian fashion labels have been selected to present their fall/winter 2018 collections at Fashion KODE in Seoul, South Korea, and Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo in Japan in mid-March.

"This is the result of our collaboration with Korea Creative Content Agency [KoCCA] and Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo," Jakarta Fashion Week director Lenni Tedja said during a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday (07/03).

"A couple of years ago, we signed a memorandum of understanding that enables exchanges between [Indonesian, Korean and Japanese] fashion designers."

The chosen labels are Bateeq and Kami for Fashion KODE 2018 and I.K.Y.K and NY by Novita Yunus for Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo.

Here is a sneak peek at their collections.


At Fashion KODE 2018, Bateeq is going to present its "Kelir" collection.

"Kelir is the blank white screen on which you play wayang kulit [shadow theater]," Bateeq creative director Michelle Tjokrosaputro said.

"I felt it's very hard to say anything these days. People get offended so easily. Then I remembered that in the old days our ancestors used to play wayang kulit to address difficult matters, while trying not to offend anyone."

Bateeq will showcase 11 women's and four men's looks in Seoul on March 17.

"Since it is our fall/winter collection, there will be a lot of coats and bomber jackets," Michelle said.

Bateeq will use environmentally friendly materials such as Bemberg, Tencel, cotton and wool.


The modest wear label will showcase "Lazy Sunday Morning" collection in Seoul.

"I think most women have that special Sunday morning when we get up happy and want to try out what we have in our wardrobes," Kami co-founder and director Istafiana Candarini said.

The collection will consist of easy-to-wear pieces for women in soothing hues of beige, off-white, peach and teal.

"We're quite optimistic about the upcoming show," Kami co-founder Nadya Karina said.

"We've done a research on the [South] Korean market and discovered that our products' DNA actually matches their demands."

"It's just that the Korean market is usually very loyal to their local products. And that [fact] is like a thick wall that we have to break through," she said.

Kami's collection will be showcased also on March 17.


Anandia Putri Harahap, the creative director of I.K.Y.K, was preparing for more than four months to present her fall/winter collection at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo.

"It's probably the biggest effort I made for a fashion show so far," she said.

"Presenting a collection in Tokyo's fashion week was my biggest dream."

I.K.Y.K's fall/winter 2018 collection is themed "Tor Sibohi."

"Tor Sibohi is a mountainous area in Southern Tapanuli [North Sumatra], where my grandfather comes from," Putri said.

She will adopt the beautiful earthy colors of Tor Sibohi in her collection.

"I'll be using a lot of Bemberg fabrics, quilted to make them thicker and warmer for the fall and winter season, as well as Shibori fabrics from Nagoya [Japan], and handwoven fabrics from Solo [Central Java], embroidered with the patterns of ulos from Southern Tapanuli. So there will be a lot of cultures mixed," Putri said.

I.K.Y.K's collection will be showcased in Tokyo on March 20.

NY by Novita Yunus

NY by Novita Yunus is a new premium fashion label by the banker-turned-designer.

Previously, Novita Yunus was known for her mid-scale ready-to-wear label Batik Chic.

At Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo 2018, the designer will present her women's wear collection themed "Against the Tide."

"I think 2018 is going to be tough for most of us," she said.

"Therefore, women have to be strong and brave enough to swim against the tide in order to survive."

The collection will be made of a combination of Javanese batik and Japanese Shibori fabrics. Dark purple hues will dominate the items presented.

"The Japanese market is very concerned with traditional cultures and quality of craftsmanship," Novita said.

"We have incorporated them into our collection. We hope it will be well received."

The NY by Novita Yunus collection will also be presented in Tokyo on March 20.

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