Muffest 2018 Supports Local SMEs and Young Fashion Designers

The Indonesia Fashion Chamber, or IFC, in collaboration with Dyandra Promosindo, will again present the Muslim Fashion Festival, or Muffest, at the Jakarta Convention Center on April 19-22.(Photo courtesy of Siti Muhibah)

By : Sylviana Hamdani | on 10:08 AM April 13, 2018
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Jakarta. The Indonesia Fashion Chamber, or IFC, in collaboration with Dyandra Promosindo, will again present the Muslim Fashion Festival, or Muffest, at the Jakarta Convention Center on April 19-22.

It will be the third event held by the fashion designers' association in three consecutive years.

"Muffest is our response towards the Indonesian market," said Ali Charisma, IFC national chairman, during a telephone interview on Tuesday (03/04). "Indonesia has a huge market for Muslim fashion. Through Muffest, we hope that local products can reign in the local market, while also targeting the international market."

This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than previous iterations.

Muffest 2018 will take place in the main lobby and plenary hall of JCC, considered more prestigious than last year’s event, which took place in the assembly hall.

About 200 local fashion brands, a 25 percent increase from last year, will exhibit their products during the event.

"And more than 80 percent of [the exhibitors] are small-and-medium enterprises [SMEs],” said Lisa Fitria, IFC's national general secretary and project director of Muffest 2018.

There will be four fashion shows each day during the event.

On the event's first day, Thursday, a fashion show by the founders of the Hijabers Mom Community -- Irna Mutiara, Najua Yanti, Hannie Hananto and Monika Juffry -- will be held at the plenary hall.

"The fashion show will be set like a theatrical show, featuring interesting aspects of fashion industry, including conceptualizing the collection, making the dresses, distribution and promotion," said Najua Yanti, the fashion designer.

Najua's collection, which will be presented in the fashion show, is themed "New York."

"It's a very urban Muslim wear collection that looks both casual and glamorous," the designer said.

The collection will consist of long tunics, shirt dresses, culottes and sassy overcoats in black, saffron, navy and marsala hues.

"At the end of the fashion show, I will present a long coat, made of recycled plastic, with New York's skyline printed on it," Najua said. "I hope it will remind us all of the huge amounts of plastic waste produced in big cities that is causing climate change."

Sustainable fashion, which is one of the keys to preventing further climate change, is also highlighted during the event.

IFC will present a seminar on sustainable fashion on the main stage on Friday.

"In this seminar, we’ll learn of how local brands ensure sustainable and ethical production of their collections,” Lisa Fitria said.

The fashion show, which will be a highlight on the third day of the event, will be called "Sinar and Pijar" (Light and Beam) and will be sponsored by Wardah Cosmetics.

"It will be a grand show," said Wahida Nur Oktavia, public relations head of Wardah Cosmetics. "In the show, we'll feature the special collections of up-and-coming Muslim fashion labels, including Barli Asmara, Dinira, Kami and Khanaan."

A series of exciting fashion shows will also mark the final day of Muffest 2018 on Sunday.

In the afternoon, Lisa Fitria, together with Ivan Gunawan, Sad Indah and Hannie Hananto, will present a fashion show, themed "The Beautiful Journey of Hijrah," which will portray their lives and spiritual journeys.

"My collection is themed 'Pesan Ayah' (Father's Advice)," Lisa said. "With the collection, I'll recall how my father always woke me up in the morning and gave me some life advice while I was still in bed wearing my pajamas."

Inspired by her childhood pajamas, Lisa’s workwear collection is loose-fitted and made of lightweight cotton with striped patterns.

"The coats and blazers are all roomy and breathable and very convenient to wear from morning to evening," the designer said.

The closing show will be feature emerging fashion designers and new members of IFC -- Andri Susan, Audrey, Inas Nabilla, Ray Anjas and Saffana.

"They're all young designers with great creativity and strong business acumen," Ali Charisma, IFC national chairman, said. "It's about time that we highlight and promote these promising young talents in the most premium show in this event."

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