Film Producers Association Launches Anti-Piracy Campaign

The Indonesian Film Producers Association (Aprofi) has produced an anti-piracy clip, which was launched during a press conference at XXI Lounge in South Jakarta on Tuesday (14/03). (JG Photo/Diella Yasmine)

By : Diella Yasmine | on 4:30 PM March 15, 2017
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Jakarta. Film piracy in Indonesia has become a notorious problem that is propelled by today's new technologies.

"Digital film piracy is the biggest single threat to the development of our film industry. Piracy undermines the businesses," said Indonesian Film Producers Association (Aprofi) chairman Fauzan Zidni.

To deal with the problem, Aprofi has produced an anti-piracy clip, which was launched during a press conference at XXI Lounge in South Jakarta on Tuesday (14/03).

The video aims to warn, especially younger people, about the consequences of illegal downloading and distribution of films.

"We want to encourage our people to love and appreciate the original works of local filmmakers and stay away from piracy," said Fauzan.

The video features Ben, a character from Angga Sasongko's blockbuster film "Filosofi Kopi" played by Chicco Jerikho, and prominent actor Tyo Pakusadewo.

"Since I am one of the Aprofi members, I want to participate in the anti-piracy campaign. I hope this initiative can raise people's awareness about film piracy," Angga said.

Tackling Piracy

This year, Aprofi with the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) have reported to the Ministry of Human Rights and Justice more than 300 websites that violate copyrights.

"In January 2013, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology banned 176 illegal sites. This year, we took down 324 websites and we will continue to do it to eradicate piracy in Indonesia," said Salmon Pardede, copyrights investigations director at the justice ministry.

According to Fauzan, these efforts will also give licensed streaming providers such as Netflix, Iflix and HOOQ a chance to grow.

"Licensed streaming providers can give us new distribution opportunities besides the cinemas and DVDs. This can bring an additional revenue to finance future local productions," he said.

Ari Juliano Gema, chief of the Bekraf anti-piracy taskforce expressed his hope that thanks to these efforts will emerge a healthy environment for the Indonesian film industry.

"We will ensure that there will be no more piracy in Indonesia. We cooperate with local communities, film producers, musicians, photographers and others to solve the problem," he said.

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