Heroes of Atarsia Battle It Out

By : Sylviana Hamdani | on 5:02 PM February 17, 2014
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HOA 3.jpg Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia each year, with members of various groups competing with each other. The country is set to rival South Korea in the near future. (JG Photo/Sylviana Hamdani)

For avid gamers, there’s perhaps nothing more relaxing than slouching in front of your computer at the end of a hard day to enter the exciting worlds of online games.

In the games, you can briefly exit your current existence and become someone that you can never be in real life. You can either be a warrior that fights fiery dragons or a sorcerer that casts evil spells upon your opponents.

It can be quite addictive. And that’s probably why online games are thriving in the global market, including Indonesia.

“There are more than 25 million avid online gamers in Indonesia today,” said Eva Mulawati, managing director of Megaxus Infotech. “And this number usually increases between 5 percent and 10 percent each year, along with the improvement of internet infrastructure in the country.”

Nearly 80 percent of gamers use PCs or laptops, and the rest use mobile phones.

Megaxus is a leading online game publisher in Indonesia that operates some of the most favorite online games, such as “AyoDance,” “Lineage II” and “Grand Chase” in the country.

Most of their games are made in South Korea.

“The online game industry has become a main pillar of economy in South Korea,” Megaxus brand manager Felix Darmoko said. “Their developers are experienced in creating lifelike graphics and interesting features in the games. And they’re very supportive in patch-updates and troubleshooting.”

According to Felix, the online game industry makes up nearly 50 percent of South Korea’s total export revenue.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the online game industry generated $190 million in revenue in 2013. It is a 35 percent increase from the previous year.

Recently, Megaxus released another online game from South Korea, Heroes of Atarsia (HOA).

It is a massively multiplayer online role-play game (MMORPG) that allows players to play alone or together in a team.

“It’s a highly adrenaline-pumping game,” Felix said.

The story of the game is about two separate worlds, Atarsia and Hetarsia.

Fairies and human live in Atarsia, while demons, dragons and giants thrive in Hetarsia. But the balance between these two different worlds topples when the king of Hetarsia decides to attack Atarsia.

Under these attacks, Atarsia descends into an era of gloom and despair. Many people are killed, and the rest suffer from lethal plagues.

In this gloomy era, brave heroes of Atarsia step up to defend their world. And this is where the gamers come into the game.

Gamers may choose to come as warriors, knights or hunters. Each has a different set of tools, powers and modes of attacks.

The “warriors,” for example, mainly attack with swords or axes that have massive destructive powers.

“Knights,” on the other hand, are more defensive. They fight with their swords and shields, which are very effective in close-ranged one-on-one battles.

Later, these heroes will transform into stronger beings along with their achievements in the game.

You can also customize their looks, including their skin color, clothes and hair, according to your preference.

The most exciting part of the game is its PvP (player versus player) feature. With this feature, you can challenge another gamer to fight against you in a duel, or team up with your online friends and fight against another team in a tournament.

“It’s a highly competitive game,” Indonesian actor Andovi da Lopez said. “It’s so much fun. I feel like a little kid again when I’m playing the game.”

The 20-year-old usually plays the game on his laptop at campus or at home.

“The game is very convenient to play,” the University of Indonesia student said. “I don’t need to use my laptop’s touchpad — which is small and not very sensitive — to move my avatar. I can just use the keyboard instead.”

You can also play the game with a gamepad attached to your computer or laptop.

For gamers that play from Internet cafes, they can browse through the list of internet cafes available in Warnetku.com and choose the ones that suit their preferences.

Warnetku.com is a website developed by Megaxus that lists internet cafes in Indonesia, together with their addresses and their facilities.

“There are more than 3,000 Internet cafes listed on the website today,” Felix said.

Games can be downloaded directly from the megaxus website.

This game can be played in all Windows-based PC or laptop with a minimum of Intel Pentium dual-core processor.

You can play the game for free. But to improve the skills of your heroes, you will need to buy special items at the Mall.

“We’ve prepared an integrated payment system for the players,” Felix said. “There are prepaid vouchers that they can buy at the Internet cafes or pay by credit card, direct bank transfer or internet banking.”

The game will also be one of the competitions in the Megaxus Olympics 2014 in Jakarta.

The Megaxus Olympics is a yearly online game competition organized by the publisher.

“The main theme of the Olympics will be a national cybersport competition this year,” Felix said, noting that there are several participants every year.

The date and venue of the competition will be announced on the Megaxus website soon.

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