A Holiday Fit for Royalty at Rumah Luwih Luxury Resort in Bali

Rumah Luwih. (Photo courtesy of It Simply Flows)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 12:53 PM July 25, 2016
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Jakarta. Owner of Avia Tour, Feroline Halim, recently unveiled Rumah Luwih, a newly launched luxury resort in the tranquil landscape of Pantai Lebih in Gianyar, Bali.

The property features a cultural mix of stunning architecture, designed by Indonesian architect Hadiprana, who took inspiration from the Ujung Water Palace in Karangasem, Bali. A home fit for royalty, the property blends the beauty of Dutch colonial architecture and the intricate details of Chinese and Balinese culture.

Its name is derived from the Sanskrit language, where luwih means more. The name is symbolic, depicting the hope that the property can one day be more than just a home for its guests.

Details such as classic Dutch-inspired tiles, curated antiques, teak wood fittings and the use of silk in the decoration create an intimate feeling, akin to visiting your grandmother's home, or in this case, mansion.

The resort occupies two hectares of lush greenery, making it a suitable setting for a lavish tropical sanctuary where guests are treated like royalty.

It hosts 75 luxurious rooms including three one-of-a-kind suites. To ensure ultimate indulgence and privacy, each room is designed to be expansive, ranging from 40 to 200 square meters. There are two types of rooms: Prabanggana rooms offer 40 square meters of luxury with views of the Indian Ocean or lush gardens and Arnawakanta rooms offer 50 square meters of space, which includes a private balcony and a bathtub with an ocean view.

For families or larger groups, Segara, Giri and Aruna suites provide total privacy with 100 to 200 square meters of indoor living space, as well as spacious private balconies overlooking the ocean. The Chapelset, a setting where an intimate matrimonial service can be held, accommodates 50 people and is set against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean and Nusa Penida island.

Rumah Luwih is located only five minutes by drive from Bali Safari & Marine Park and 25 minutes from Sanur and just 30 minutes from the historic and cultural center of Ubud.

For booking and more information about Rumah Luwih, please visit: www.rumahluwih.com

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