Meme of Horror Film 'Pengabdi Setan' Tops Twitter's Trending Topics List

The cast of 'Pengabdi Setan.' (Photo courtesy of Joko Anwar)

By : Diella Yasmine | on 7:34 PM October 13, 2017
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Jakarta. Joko Anwar's latest film, "Pengabdi Setan" ("Satan's Slave") has become a hot topic on social media and started trending on Twitter following its release on Sept. 28. Indonesians have flooded their Twitter timelines with memes using the hastags #IbuSampeKaget and #IbuSudahBisa to make fun of the characters. One of the users wrote on his timeline: "Mom is awesome, she can now do freestyle motocross."

Another user posted an edited picture of "the mother" in one of Dua Lipa's music videos, "New Rules," on his Twitter feed.

Joko, the author and director of the film, also posted memes on his official account @jokoanwar, using the same hashtags, which resulted in followers flooding his timeline with hilarious comments.

He also made a joke, saying that "the mother is tired of being in bed all day and she needs to be removed from it."

According to statistics released by Twitter Indonesia on Friday (13/10), the hashtag #PengabdiSetan currently also tops the list of the 10 most-used hashtags on Twitter.

Picture courtesy of Twitter. Picture courtesy of Twitter.

#PengabdiSetan also dominates the timeline compared with other hashtags related to the film. There are currently more than 14,000 tweets using the hashtag. The peak conversation related to the film occurred on the first day of the release, with more than 1,200 tweets per minute between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Besides the film, netizens also tweet about the cast on their Twitter accounts. Ayu Laksmi, who plays as the mother in the film, is currently the most talked about actress on Twitter. She is followed by Tara Basro, Bron Palarae, Fachri Albar and Dimas Aditya. #PengabdiSetan - Top Actor_Actress The movie, starring Malaysian actor Bront Palarae, Tara Basro, Dimas Aditya and Ayu Laksmi, tells the story of a mother who died from a strange illness years ago. After her death, her soul returned to the house to take her children with her to eternity. "Pengabdi Setan" is considered a high-end Indonesian horror film. Joko Anwar announced on his official Instagram account that the movie has already had more than 2 million viewers.

Screenshot of Jokowi Anwar's Instagram post with the announcement. Screenshot of Jokowi Anwar's Instagram post with the announcement.

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