Pop Singer Glenn Fredly to Celebrate Slank's Legacy in Upcoming Concert

Slank drummer Bimbim, left, pop singer Glenn Fredly, and Slank vocalist Kaka at the press conference of #TNDMT concert at Kanawa Coffee & Munch, South Jakarta on Tuesday (15/08). (View Magazine Photo/Ocky Anggara)

By : Dhania Sarahtika | on 5:36 PM August 16, 2017
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Jakarta. Pop singer Glenn Fredly will sing his versions of songs by pop-rock band Slank at the second edition of #TNDMT concert on Sept. 30 at Gandaria City Hall, South Jakarta.

#TNDMT is an abbreviation of an Indonesian word "Tanda Mata," which literally translates to "souvenir." Glenn as the concert's initiator intended it to be a form of appreciation for living legends.

The concert debuted last year with Glen singing pop songs by the legendary singer, Ruth Sahanaya.

"Being able to celebrate Ruth Sahanaya's works was an exciting entry point. The bottom line of this concert is a celebration. It is important to celebrate not only what I produce as a musician but also other works which have shaped music lovers' way of thinking," Glenn said at a press conference at Kanawa Coffee & Munch, South Jakarta on Tuesday (15/08).

Slank has been selected for this year's concert because of the band's significant presence in the Indonesian music industry. For over 30 years, the band has produced hits with bold and satirical lyrics. Their music, topped with their devil-may-care style and attitude represents nonconformity, freedom of expression and equality.

In addition, their close relationship with their extensive  and sometimes borderline fanatic  fanbase has kept the band a living legend.

Glenn insisted that the event is not a tribute because the word tribute gives an impression that the featured singer or band has passed away.

"What we are making is not a tribute event. We are celebrating a great band with distinctive ideas and perspectives," the 41-year-old musician said.

With this concert, Glenn wanted to highlight that appreciation among music industry players is important in order to support each other and keep the industry alive.

"Last year, [the younger] audience who hadn't encountered Ruth's music beforehand finally did. As a results, Ruth's old albums were released again. […] I saw that as a trigger for our music industry that the old catalog isn't outdated but important to show our industry's history," Glenn said, whose experience in the country's music industry has spanned over 20 years.

A New Playground

As a solo pop singer whose work is greatly different from Slank in terms of style and themes, Glenn's venture to remix their songs is a new challenge for him. Glenn's discography is dominated by soulful tunes with romantic lyrics while Slank favors loud songs.

"Slank's music is my new playground. It can be "wrecked" and repackaged. To me, Slank is not a rock 'n' roll band, but a blues one. The way they play music and sing has bluesy roots," Glenn said, who derived most of his influence from jazz and blues music.

Glenn would not reveal which songs would be on the set list, even to Slank's members.

"I'm curious which songs [Glenn] will 'wreck' with his team. That's why I already booked a front-row seat. […] I will pay close attention to the performance," Kaka, Slank’s vocalist said.

Bimbim, the band’s drummer, shared the same sentiment.

"I don't want to know the set list. I want it to be a surprise," he said.

Besides drawing a great turnout, Bimbim expects his band to score fans outside their usual demographic group.

"Glenn's fans are mostly women, while the women who come to Slank's concerts are mostly there to take photos of their spouses," Bimbim said jokingly.

"With this concert, I hope Slank will gain more female fans."

Though the event will have a capacity of around 1500 seats, Glenn has designed the concert in such a way that it will be an intimate event.

The silver category of the pre-sale tickets have been sold out as of Wednesday. Remaining tickets can still be purchased online until Aug. 17, with prices starting from Rp 1 million ($75).

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