Robaa Yakitori Fires Up a Mean Japanese Grill

Robaa Yakitori is a new dining option in Jakarta offering Japanese grilled barbecue at affordable prices. (Photo courtesy of Robaa Yakitori)

By : Sylviana Hamdani | on 2:45 PM October 08, 2015
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Jakarta. Pancious Tirta Jaya, a Jakarta-based restaurant grou,p recently launched Robaa Yakitori in Grand Indonesia shopping center to cater to the city's growing demand for Japanese food.

Pacious Tirta Jaya also owns a number of Western food and beverage outlets across the city. including  pancake eatery Pancious and an American-style bakery aptly named Brooklyn American Cakery.

The company first opened Robba Yakitori this year in Mal Taman Anggrek, West Jakarta. after deciding to tap into the Japanese casual dining market. It then decided to expand its operations after seeing how quickly Jakarta lovers took to the cuisine.

"According to our market survey, Japanese food is one of the most acceptable [international] cuisines for Jakarta diners," said Vibrian Putri, marketing manager of Pancious. "We [believe] that there aren't many Japanese restaurants [around] that serve robatayaki (Japanese barbecue) or yakitori (Japanese satay)."

The 200-square meter restaurant boasts a casual dining ambiance and is beautifully adorned by Japanese calligraphy with exotic lantern chandeliers giving the place a trendy feel.

The menu offers a wide array of starters, including edamame (soybeans), tamago (Japanese omelet) and deep-fried salmon skin to whet your appetite. Their salmon salad is equally tantalizing drizzled in sweet and sour sesame dressing.

For the adventurous, the restaurant recommends ordering Chuka Idako, a cold dish containing a baby octopus drenched in soybean paste served on a bed of thinly sliced radish. The restaurant also serves an exciting array of sushi and sashimi for those who prefer other options.

The restaurant features 18 yakitori dishes to choose from  ̶̶  chicken, beef,  seafood and vegetables  ̶̶  and offer four different choices of sauce: the savory miso sauce, the sweet teriyaki sauce, the hot Wasabi sauce and the creamy garlic butter sauce.

For those who enjoy sampling a little bit of everything, the restaurant's bento boxes offer a combination of rice, yakitori dishes, sauteed enoki mushrooms and tamago, or soft-boiled eggs, which range between Rp 39,000 and Rp 57,000 ($2.80-$4.10) per set. According to the restaurant, Bento box 2B is their recommended choice and is a customer favorite.

Alternatively, patrons are also given the option choose their own base for a yakitori dish from the open kitchen located in the center of the restaurant, as the chef grills and sautee's your selection to your satisfaction.

For Menara BCA employees, Robba Yakitori has offered an exclusive deal of 20 percent off of their total bill when they dine at the restaurant between Monday and Friday, from 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.


Robaa Yakitori Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 5, Unit ED 2-03A Jl. MH Thamrin no 1 Central Jakarta Appetizers start from Rp 9,000 Salads start from Rp 25,000 Yakitoris start from Rp 12,000 Sushi and Sashimi start from Rp 25,000 Drinks start from Rp 10,000

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