Putu Made Restaurant Brings Authentic Balinese Cuisine to Jakarta

Putu Made, the latest food establishment by Boga Group, will open its doors to the public on Thursday (07/12). (Photo courtesy of Putu Made restaurant)

By : Diella Yasmine | on 11:09 AM December 06, 2017
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Jakarta. Putu Made, the latest food establishment by Boga Group, will open its doors to the public on Thursday (07/12).

Located on the fifth floor of Senayan City Mall in Jakarta, Putu Made restaurant offers authentic Balinese food crafted carefully under the direction of chef Mandif Warokka.

Bringing Balinese cuisine to the capital city, Putu Made boasts a menu full of Balinese flavors consisting of basic spice paste called "Basa Gede" or "Basa Genep" to keep the originality and the philosophy behind the traditional cuisine itself.

Basa Gede is based on the concept of balance and is crafted with main ingredients including galangal, turmeric, ginger and kampferia galangal, best known as aromatic ginger.

"It is very important to keep the traditions alive at the restaurant. We want to provide our guests with the most authentic Balinese food possible," Mandif said.

Set in a rustic and casual dining room decorated with bamboo lights and greenery, the restaurant is reminiscent of the rich Balinese culture and the modern interpretation of the vibrant dining scene of the island.

The dining room of Putu Made was thoughtfully designed to reflect the rich culture of Indonesia. The long communal table set in the center of the room encourages diners to eat in the traditional-family manner.

"We want to provide an intimate and comfortable atmosphere to make our customers feel more at home while they dine," said Boga Group president director, Kusnadi Rahardja.

With menus varying from the good rujak (salad) and lumpia (fritters) to the casually unknown variety such as beef stew called Jukut Undi Be Sampi, lawar genjer, lawar kikil (boiled beef skin with spices), and Tum Be Siap (chicken with yellow sauce steamed in banana leaves), Putu Made showcases a variety of culinary traditions of Bali.

The highlight is the restaurant’s signature dish, Bebek Betutu, or a slow roasted whole duck filled with cassava leaves with rich betutu spice wrapped in "pelepah pinang" (palm leaves) served with yellow soup called komoh.

To boost the smoky and earthy flavors, Mandif said the duck is cooked under low heat for five to seven hours. Depending on the size of the duck, the dish can also take 12 hours to cook with two methods like roasting and steaming.

The grilling process is also done organically and traditionally without grilling oils and charcoals. Warokka said the restaurant uses sabut kelapa, or coconut skin, to grill all of its dishes.

Putu Made's slow roasted duck Bebek Betutu. (Photo courtesy of Putu Made restaurant) Putu Made's slow roasted duck 'Bebek Betutu.' (Photo courtesy of Putu Made restaurant)

The second signature dish is known as Ekor Tenggiri Bakar (grilled Spanish mackerel). The smokiness from the fish and the freshness from kefir lime mixed with torch ginger and aromatic leaves make for an enjoyable dish.

Besides being known for its Bebek Betutu, Putu Made also offers a selection of platter dishes for seafood and satay.

Its satay platter features a selection of grilled lamb skewers, spiced minced duck satay, spiced fish satay, spice chicken satay, sweet and spicy marinated grilled chicken satay and escargot satay serve with sambal matah and sweet soy sauce sambal.

Putu Made also takes pride in its open grilling station, called "Live Grill."

"People are always looking for a new and unique dining experience when they visit a restaurant. It is important for them to know the kind of ingredients or cooking method we use to cook their [guests] food," Kusnadi said.

The average cost of a meal ranges from Rp 29,000 ($2.03) to Rp 500,000 ($35).

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