Indonesia Condemns North Korea's ICBM Test That Lands Rocket Off Japan's Coast

The United States and Russia have agreed to continue diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis over North Korea's development of nuclear missiles capable of hitting the United States and emphasized that neither accept Pyongyang as a nuclear power, the US State Department said on Wednesday (28/12). (Reuters Photo/Toru Hanai)

By : Telly Nathalia | on 12:25 PM November 29, 2017
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Jakarta. The government of Indonesia has issued a statement condemning the first long-range missile test by North Korea in two months on Wednesday (29/11) — the rocket landed off Japan's coast — arguing the action threatened peace and security in the region.

Indonesia's Foreign Affairs Ministry pointed out in a statement that the missile test violated United Nations (UN) resolutions.

North Korea reportedly had successfully tested a long-range missile, the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Hwasong 15.

The country claimed the missile will be able to reach the United Sates mainland.

"Indonesia urges North Korea to fully implement its international obligations, including the UN Security Council’s resolutions," the ministry said.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un praised the latest missile test as a "historic achievement" in the missile arms race.

With additional reporting from Reuters

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