Indonesia, EU to Strengthen Cooperation in Transport to Combat Climate Change

European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc on Friday (29/09) said the European Union is committed to develop and maintain good relations with Indonesia to reach the goals of the Paris climate agreement. (JG Photo/Sheany)

By : Sheany | on 5:59 PM September 29, 2017
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Jakarta. European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc said in Jakarta on Friday (29/09) that the European Union is committed to develop and maintain good relations in transport with Indonesia to reach the goals of the Paris climate agreement.

Speaking at the EU-Indonesia Sustainable Innovative Transport Solutions event in the Indonesian capital, Bulc highlighted the importance of developing effective and innovative transport systems to lower emissions and said her visit to Indonesia has already deepened Indonesia-EU cooperation in transportation.

According to the World Bank, transport contributes to more than 30 percent of total CO2 emissions in Indonesia. In comparison, the world average of transport emission is about 20 percent of total emissions.

As a developing archipelago, Indonesia still struggles to improve connectivity between its islands and to lower logistics costs. It is also facing serious challenges in improving its existing transportation systems.

"We recognize that transportation is part of the problem, and it has to be part of the solution as well. Here we need to join forces to fight climate change," Bulc said.

Indonesia and the EU also agreed to strengthen partnership on maritime safety during a meeting on Wednesday between Bulc and Indonesia's Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister, Luhut Pandjaitan.

According to Bulc, the EU will provide €100,000 (US$117,000) in financial support for capacity-building training for Indonesian officials, which is expected to improve maritime safety.

During her short visit, Bulc also met with Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi. The two discussed Indonesia-EU partnership on aviation safety and security as well as on improving road safety.

"The European Union and myself personally – I am very committed to develop good relationship and to make this relationship very concrete... into good business cooperation [...] I will make sure that our side will deliver," Bulc said.

Bulc stressed the importance of producing a "good cohesion policy" to bridge gaps between countries and reach the ambitious goals of the Paris agreement.

"I don’t believe in lowering the goals just because somebody is not ready to reach them," Bulc said, adding that the EU has set aside funds to support capacity-building in developing countries to ensure that "no country is left behind."

The Role of Women in Transport

Bulc also touched on the importance of balanced gender participation in the transportation industry.

"[This is] not because women will be so much better. I don’t think we need to speak about who’s better or worse, but history proves that only countries that are able to use all their potentials can have sustainable development and sustainable future," Bulc said.

She said having "mixed teams at the table" will pave way for more "diversity of thoughts," which in turn will create innovation on all levels.

Currently, women make up about 20 percent of people involved in the transport industry.

"The world is not moving just because of technical innovation. The world is moving because of business innovation, social innovation, [and] innovation on services. All that needs full capacity, full diversity of thoughts that this beautiful planet has," Bulc said.

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