Consumers Group Urges Govt, Hospitals to Compensate Patients Over Counterfeit Vaccines

Gaps in vaccination coverage against measles have lead to several outbreaks of the highly contagious disease in Europe in the past year, with both children and young adults affected, health officials said on Monday (24/04). (Reuters Photo/Lucy Nicholson)

By : Alin Almanar | on 3:37 PM July 16, 2016
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Jakarta. A consumer rights group has urged hospitals which allegedly administered fake vaccines to give compensation to affected patients.

The government earlier this week revealed the names of 14 hospitals and eight midwife clinics, most of which are located in Bekasi, West Java, which allegedly used the vaccines.

"The Health Ministry must be able to urge the hospitals to open data on the affected patients. The hospitals must compensate for all the health impacts," Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) chairman Tulus Abadi said in a statement released on Friday.

"If the patients are unsatisfied with the compensation, they can sue the hospitals or even the government."

The government's move followed prolonged public anxiety over the impact of fake vaccines, which ongoing investigations by police have found have been produced and circulated for years in parts of the country.

"There will be no sense of safety for the affected patients if the hospitals are not open on how long they have used the fake vaccines," Tulus said.

The government's revelation prompted the House of Representatives to agree earlier this week on establishing a special mechanism supervising the circulation of vaccines and medicine across the country.

"The fake vaccine cases are just one of the rampant problems surrounding the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia," Tulus said.

The Health Ministry, the National Police and the Food and Drugs Monitoring Agency (BPOM) established a joint task force late last month to crack down on the vaccine circulation.

The National Police have arrested 23 suspects, including doctors, across Jakarta, West Java and Central Java since last month for their alleged involvement in the case.

The BPOM has meanwhile examined 15 types of vaccines out of the 22 confiscated by the National Police from the suspects, and declared seven of them fake.

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