Foreigners Can Apply for Visitor Visa, Extension on Molina Website: Gov't

Foreigners can now apply for a visitor visa for tourism and pre-investment at molina.imigrasi.go.id.

30 January 2023 | 05:59 PM


ASEAN and Indonesia

ASEAN’s existence at the moment becomes crucial compared to how it was before, at least from an economic standpoint.

30 January 2023 | 05:55 PM


ASEAN to Contribute to the World: Jokowi

Jokowi said that 2023 ASEAN chair Indonesia would lead the bloc's member states to contribute to the world.

30 January 2023 | 05:51 PM


Ride-Hailing App inDrive Partners with SHIELD to Combat Fraud

Ride-hailing app inDrive claims it does not "burn money to grow".

30 January 2023 | 01:30 PM


E-Commerce Still Beats Social Commerce in Digital Economy: Expert

The competition between social commerce and e-commerce might only take place in certain segmented products.

30 January 2023 | 01:11 PM


Gov’t Blames Rising Dollar, Inflation for Hajj Cost Hike

A person would need to pay Rp 69.1 million for hajj, while the rest of the funding will come from the BKPH.

30 January 2023 | 01:03 PM


Jokowi May Consider Minor Cabinet Shakeup

Nasdem ministers, Zulkifli Hasan, and Suharso Monoarfa have been rumored to be dismissed from the cabinet.

30 January 2023 | 06:57 AM


Running Mate Issue Exposes Very Fragile Alliance for Anies Baswedan’s Presidential Bid

The Democratic Party, the PKS, and Nasdem are still too much apart to form an alliance.

29 January 2023 | 10:35 PM


WEF and Deglobalization

Is the global value chain that the developed countries had taught developing countries still valid as a reference for trade policies?

29 January 2023 | 02:27 PM


Manpower Ministry Foils Attempt to Smuggle Workers to Middle East Countries

Labor exporters moved to Juanda Airport due to frequent inspections at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, an official said.

29 January 2023 | 01:19 PM