Lie-Detector Tests for Accused in Fransisca Yofie Murder Investigation

Fransisca Yofie (Facebook Photo)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 5:41 PM August 16, 2013
Category : News, Crime

West Java Police have said they will use lie-detector tests in the questioning of two men who are alleged to have murdered Fransisca Yofie on August 5.

"The investigation will use lie detectors,” National Police spokesman Agus Rianto said on Friday. 'This is an effort to get accurate testimonies from them.”

The alleged perpetrators killed 34-year-old Fransisca by dragging her behind a motorcycle by her hair and cutting her with a machete. One turned himself in and the other was caught by police the following day. They claimed to have killed her by accident while trying to steal her purse.

In the week following the murder, the perpetrators' motives were brought into question.

Police have emphasized that they have found no evidence linking police detective Sr. Comr. Albertus Eko Budiarto to the crime. Albertus was questioned in relation to an affair with Fransisca in 2012 and had ordered police officers to spy on her after the relationship ended. Prior to her death she had changed address three times, but the harassment continued, according to private security guards who worked in her housing complex.

Albertus also reported Fransisca to the Astananyar police in a dispute over the ownership of the car she drove.

“Her mother was also questioned [by police] in reference to that case,” West Java Police Senior Commander Martinus Sitompul told news portal Liputan6.

“No matter how insignificant the information is, I want the investigators to have all of the evidence so we can fully solve the case,” Agus said.

Albertus could face an ethics tribunal for having an affair.

West Java Police Inspector General Suhardi Alius said that he had ordered his officers to use all available methods in solving the case.

“We'll use all ways,” Suhardi told Indonesian new portal Detik. “We will work all-out to make sure we are transparent and accountable in this investigation.”

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