One Escaped Inmate Shot Dead, Taiwanese Drug Pusher Caught in West Java

By Sunday morning (28/01), police have arrested five out of seven inmates who escaped from a detention facility for drug offenders in Jakarta on Tuesday. (Antara Photo/Irsan Mulyadi)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 1:17 PM January 29, 2017
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Jakarta. Amirudin, a.k.a. Amir, one of the seven inmates who escaped from a detention facility for drug offenders in Cawang, East Jakarta, on Tuesday (24/01), was shot dead while being chased by the police in Sukabumi, West Java, on Saturday.

The detention facility for high-profile drug convicts is managed by the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit, or Bareskrim.

"We were forced to shoot since Amir had fought back and tried to flee," Bareskrim's anti-narcotics director Brig. Gen. Eko Daniyanto said on Sunday, as reported by state news agency Antara.

Amirudin, convicted for smuggling 650 kilograms of marijuana, was shot by the police in Sukaati Village near Mount Wayang at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

His body has been transferred to the Sekarwangi General Hospital in Cibadak.

During the raid, police also arrested Cai Chang a.k.a. Antoni, a 49-year-old Taiwanese who was convicted for smuggling 140 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine into Indonesia.

As of Sunday morning, police have already arrested five of the seven escaped inmates: Ricky Felani a.k.a. Ruslan (30), Sukma Jaya a.k.a. Jaya (34), Azizul a.k.a. Izul (30), Ridwan a.k.a. Mame (22) and Cai Chang a.k.a. Antoni.

33-year-old Antoni a.k.a. Ridwan remains at large.

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