Police Question Ten People in S. Jakarta Pornographic Videotron Case

Police have started an investigation into an incident in South Jakarta on Friday afternoon (30/09) that saw pornographic material being displayed on a so-called videotron, or outdoor video advertising screen. (Screenshot from YouTube)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 2:34 PM October 02, 2016
Category : News, Crime

Jakarta. Police have questioned at least 10 people in an investigation of displayed pornographic material on a videotron, or outdoor video advertising screen, in South Jakarta on Friday (30/09).

An outdoor video screen in the Prapanca area of South Jakarta displayed a porn video on Friday afternoon after Islamic Friday prayers.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Awi Setiyono said 10 people have been investigated — including eight employees of advertising agency Transito Adiman Jati — to find who was responsible for the incident, which quickly went viral. The two others were witnesses who saw the video at the scene.

Police are also conducting digital forensic investigations on six computers that were used by the advertising firm to display the content on the videotrons, Awi said.

“We have examined five computers and another one will be checked soon. I hope the investigation will reveal who played the video and whether there was an intent to display the video,” Awi said on Sunday (02/10), as reported by Detik.com.

Police have also confiscated phones of eight employees of Transito Adiman Jati in an effort to track the sources of the pornographic material.

The video clip went viral after road users recorded and uploaded it to social media. The videotron was later shut down when local residents cut off the electrical supply.

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