Gong Xi Fa Cai, but Only for a Fortunate Few

FEBRUARY 18, 2015

In these past couple of weeks, rains and floods have besieged Jakarta.

But don’t dismay; as traditionally believed, a series of rainstorms in the month preceding Chinese New Year usually foretells of an auspicious year ahead of us.

For those who plodded through the trough the Year of the Horse in 2014, keep your chin up as psychics predict that the upcoming year will be much more peaceful.

According to the Chinese lunisolar calendar, the new year, which begins on Thursday, falls under the sign of Yang.

In the Chinese language, Yang can be translated as goat, ram or sheep.

Translations aside, this zodiac sign is believed to be generally calm and gentle. And thus, the upcoming year is also believed to be rather quiet and uneventful for most of us.

The wood (Wu Xing) element of the year establishes it further as the year of growth and stability.

Thus, many people believe that the days ahead will be a good time to start a family or a new business.

But there are two sides to every coin: what may be lucky for some people may not be so good for others.

So how will your business and family fare this year? And what decisions should you take or avoid? 

The Jakarta Globe spoke to three of the capital’s most sought-after fortune-tellers for their predictions of the year of the Wooden Goat.

Feng Shui fortune

Feng Shui “master” Djohar Koh predicts an overall quiet and steady year ahead.

“Economically, it will be quite an optimistic year,” Djohar says.

He says the businesses that will see good fortune are those operating in the automotive, banking, fisheries, shipping and travel sectors.

Companies he foresees will face a decline are those in construction, property and oil and gas.

“Unfortunately, the price of oil will continue to fall this year,” he adds.

Meanwhile, businesses under the wood element, including fashion, mass media and printing, should brace themselves for some fierce competition.

According to Djohar, the Year of the Goat will be especially chiong (unlucky) for those born under the Chinese zodiac signs of the Dog, Ox and Goat.

“They shouldn’t take any big risks this year,” he cautions, adding that these individuals should also be more aware of their health, especially for ailments of the heart, stomach and kidneys.

President Joko Widodo, who was born under the sign of the Metal Ox, will be among the unlucky, Djohar says.

“[The president] will face many tough challenges,” he says. “But from what I see, he will still have lot of support from the people and his ministers.”

The more fortunate souls to run through a lucky streak this year are those born under the signs of the Rabbit, Pig and Horse.

“Their health and finances will be especially positive,” Djohar says.

Though the rainy season will soon come to an end, Djohar warns of other natural disasters to strike Indonesia in the coming months.

“Some disaster-prone areas of the country will suffer from landslides,” he says. “The government should really pay close attention [to these areas] to minimize damage.”

It’s in the cards

Fortune teller Endang Wdiastuti foresees the future through prophetic dreams and tarot cards. And what she sees in the cards for the Year of the Wooden Goat may leave us uneasy.

“I keep seeing the Chariot of Fire among my cards,” she says. “It will be a year of friction for us.”

For many, karma will come knocking to “pay back” what it’s owed, she says.

“This year, everyone will reap what they have sown,” Endang says. “From what I see [in the cards], it won’t take long for people to get what they deserve.”

The world of politics, meanwhile, will turn particularly nasty, with politicians “stripping each other naked.”

“Many scandals will be revealed,” she says. “Watch and see. You will get a lot of surprises.”

Financially, Indonesia faces a tough year ahead.

“Many of the new government’s decisions are made without any forethought,” Endang says. “And they will have dire effects on the [Indonesian] people.”

Businesses must brace themselves for upcoming trouble, she adds, as many will face a decline.

“People should really be careful when making new investments,” she warns. “In this difficult year, the buying power of many people will decline sharply.”

Endang predicts good fortune for the food and property industries, while companies dealing in gold and oil stand to lose a substantial amount of money.

“The prices of oil and gold will still fluctuate this year,” she says.

Endang also predicts a series of air, land and sea disasters during the first three months of 2015.

“I saw dark clouds hovering over Indonesia until March,” she says, adding that road accidents in big cities will multiply due to alcohol and drug abuse.

Marital bliss will also be under threat this year, with many couples turning to divorce due to “monetary reasons or a third person.”

With such gloom and doom ahead, what should people do to attract some good fortune?

“Take time to contemplate life,” Endang suggests. “We should quiet our minds so that we may listen to the voice of the universe.”

What’s up, naturopathic doc?

Feng Shui “expert” and “naturopathic” “doctor” Tom Suhalim sees the Year of the Wooden Goat as quiet and uneventful — unless one works in politics.

“Things are never quiet in the political world,” Tom says with a chuckle. “There will be a lot of surprises.”

The ongoing conflict between the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and National Police, however, will reach an amicable conclusion, Tom predicts.

“As we have seen, Joko will not make any rash decisions,” he says. “He prefers to do things slowly and smoothly.”

Turning to the business world, Tom sees the maritime and agriculture sectors raking in profits this year.

“The new ministers who oversee these industries are very smart and knowledgeable,” he says. “They will make a series of regulations that will benefit these companies.”

The mining industry, however, will continue to face challenges due to the fluctuation in global oil prices.

“But something good will come out of it,” Tom says, pointing out that the price of oil will prompt Indonesian researchers to find alternative sources of energy.

“The search of sustainable energy sources has gone on for years,” he says conceded. “But the work conducted this year will bear some positive results.”

When asked to name less fortunate zodiacs this year, Tom waves off the notion, saying there is no such thing as an “unlucky” sign.

“Yes, traditionally each year will have signs that are chiong,” he says, “but I don’t really buy into all that.”

Echoing Endang’s advice, Tom recommends meditation exercises for a smooth Year of the Goat.

“When you meditate, you listen to yourself and the voice of God in you,” he says. “Only then will you be able to make the right decisions for yourself.”

For more information on Djohar Koh , visit Fengshui-koh.com; to contact Endang Wdiastuti, go to Pengawasjiwa.wordpress.com; and for more on Tom Suhalim, visit Provclinic.com.

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