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Five Steps to Decorate Your Home (Even If You Are Busy!)


SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

We understand that finding the best place to live is not an easy task. That's why, moving into the perfect home is definitely a dream come true.

We believe that the perfect home does not necessarily mean a three story house with crystal chandeliers. It can be a two-bedroom apartment with a narrow entryway or a small type 36 house with a tiny garden. When it feels right, then it is right, and you can say you have found your perfect home.

With a new house, however, come new responsibilities. On a daily basis you might be preoccupied with tons of work at the office. You also have to take care of your family, catch up with your friends and spare some time to relax. On top of that, you will still have to worry about renovating, decorating and moving out to your new place.

But you need to remember that you have finally found the perfect home. Do not be stressed out, we are here to help you with five effective ways to decorate your dream house. And the good news is that you can easily do it all in your busy time.

1. Find (a lot of) inspiration

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If you are not an interior designer or a home decorator by nature, we recommend that you look for inspiration in sources such as interior magazines or home-decoration websites, may of which are available on the internet.

If the internet browsing is too overwhelming, you can narrow it down to a couple of sites like Pinterest, interior design weblogs or websites of brands that have lookbooks or inspiration sections. You can also seek inspiration from the beautiful places you have been to, people whose taste you admire, from the Mother Nature or, well, basically anywhere!

The best thing is you can do this during your lunch break or while you are commuting from one place to another.

2. Make a mood board


Now that you have got your inspiration, it is the time to work on your mood board. It is a tough decision, we understand, but it has to be done. Why? Because in your dream home you want harmony between one room and another.

Your mood board should consist of a couple of things. The first one is the style or dominant theme. For example, it can be Scandinavian style, industrial, or vintage, or motifs such as toys, nature, etc. After this you will need to determine the color palette. You can choose one or two primary colors and three more that will complement the primary ones.

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Have a look a this photo. You can see that the interior was designed in a distinctive modern minimalist style. White and grey were chosen as the primary colors, while the secondary ones are navy blue and mustard yellow of the light wood texture.

You can discuss the mood board of your house during a dinner with your family or even when you go out with your partner on a less busy weekend.

3. Set your budget

Okay, here comes the most important part. When your mood board is ready, you should consider some of the items you need to have at your new place. You need to set a budget. You also have to remember that you will need a separate budget for renovation and the very process of moving out.

It will cost you dearly, yes, so you must know how much you can allocate to avoid overspending. This might be a longer task, but it would help to spare an evening or one weekend afternoon to focus on this matter. If you have a partner, it would also be nice to discuss it with them so that both of you will be aware of the financial situation and will keep on reminding each other not to exceed the budget limits.

4. Start hunting

Now with a certain budget in your mind, you can start looking for the items that you want. You can start with bigger furniture and buy the decorations later.

One thing is important to consider: the quality. Even if your budget is tight, you should not choose quantity over quality. It is always better to invest in quality items even if it means cutting the budget on other things.

5. Time to shop

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After all the planning, it is now the purchase time. You are a busy person and visiting stores takes a lot of time, especially as during weekdays you might spend ages in the traffic jams, especially as you will have to go to several places.

We believe you should start with, a shoppable home and living inspiration that can easily fulfill your needs as it also gives the shopping option. You can effortlessly look for the style, the colors and the mood by searching it through the category and color filters. You should not worry about the expenditures, as offers you honest and the most affordable prices all year. If you buy more items, you will automatically get a rebate on your purchase.

Yes, you can get high quality items with a reasonable price tags to achieve that décor you have been dreaming of. One more thing that should make you even more excited is that provides free shipping service all over Indonesia! Yes, except for the heavier furniture pieces which are delivered for free only within Jabodetabek area, you can get all your décor items delivered gratis. In some areas you can even pay for your items with cash-on-delivery method.

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These five tried-and-true steps should help you decorate your space, even if you are and extra busy person. Isn't it amazing how you can ditch the inconvenience of buying furniture and décor items by purchasing them online? You can now save more time to pack your stuff and enjoy the comfort of shopping at any time in any place.

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