Ade Irawan. (B1 Photo)

Actress Ade Irawan Passes Away Days After Daughter's Death

JANUARY 17, 2020

Jakarta. Actress Ade Irawan passed away while receiving treatment at Fatmawati Hospital in South Jakarta on Friday, only 10 days after the death of her youngest daughter, Ria Irawan, who was also a famous actress.

Ade was 82 years old.


"My mother passed away at 2.20 p.m. after undergoing treatment for several days at Fatmawati Hospital," Dewi Irawan, Ade's oldest daughter, said.

Ade, née Arzia Dahar, appeared in at least 110 films since her debut in "Di Ambang Fajar" (Just Before Dawn) in 1964. 

Most recently, she had a supporting role in "Dreams," an Indonesian family drama released in March 2016.

Ade received a lifetime achievement gong from Indonesia's most respected film awards, Piala Citra, last year. 

Ade has five children from her marriage with director Bambang Irawan. Three of them are also involved in the film industry. 

On Jan. 6, daughter Ria died after years of battle against lymph node cancer.