Singer Agnez Mo becomes a guest of President Joko Widodo at the State Palace on Jan. 11, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Presidential Press Bureau)

Agnez Mo Responds to Critics in Another Interview


NOVEMBER 30, 2019

Jakarta. To address the ongoing controversy surrounding her nationalism, Agnez Mo asked the public to differentiate between 'lineage' and 'spirit'.

The "Overdose" singer currently finds herself in hot water over her "no Indonesian blood whatsoever" statement. With the issue spawning even more backlashes day by day, Agnez decided to shed a light on the matter in the Close The Door podcast with mentalist Deddy Corbuzier on Friday.

The teary-eyed Agnez was saddened by the blatant accusations despite always bringing up her Indonesian nationality on every interview by choice and promoting its culture through her music.

Agnez said that many suddenly became language experts by nitpicking the words said in a 30-second clip which had been taken out of context from a 27-minute interview. Going against these 'experts', the 33-year-old interestingly used language to clear things up.

For instance, she highlighted her use of specific possessive determiners during the Yahoo! BUILD interview to point out her sense of ownership for Indonesia.

"[When I said that I don't want to disappoint my country by cursing], I did not say their country. I did not say your country. I did not say that country, but I said my country," Agnez said. 

On the 46-minute podcast, Deddy also asked about the controversial word "blood" that has spawned the virality of this case to which Agnez answered that we should differentiate between 'lineage' and 'spirit'.

By "blood", Agnez said that she was focusing on the biological aspect of lineage rather than the sense of nationalism or spirit.

Unfortunately, many misinterpreted it as the latter.

"I cannot choose DNA or blood, but I always have the spirit to stand up for Indonesia. Nobody can tell me that this isn't right. Everybody knows my spirit and nationalism as I chose to wear batik and infused Jaipong in my music video with Chris Brown," she said, referring to the Sundanese traditional dance.

"Despite the lack of lineage, I will always stand up for Indonesia and nobody can take it away from me," she said.