From left: Cast members Eddie Redmayne, Amber Heard, Alicia Vikander and director/producer Tom Hooper pose during the premiere of the film 'The Danish Girl' in Los Angeles, California. (Reuters Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

Alicia Vikander Ends a Jam-Packed Year With 'Danish Girl'


NOVEMBER 30, 2015

Jakarta. Swedish actress Alicia Vikander has appeared in four major motion pictures this year, and she is about to add another prestigious project under her belt.

Starring as Gerda Wegener in Tom Hooper's "The Danish Girl" alongside Oscar winning actor Eddie Redmayne, Vikander plays the supportive wife whose husband becomes the first person in the world to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Wegener herself is an artist and some of her work can be seen at Paris' Center Geroge Pompidou and Arken Museum in Denmark.

Speaking at an event at the White House last week, producer Gail Mutrux said he had been developing "Danish Girl" for 15 years.

"I was blown away, because I didn’t know that Gerda was also involved, that at the heart of the story is an extremely powerful love story. Lucinda [Coxon], our wonderful writer, had made her extremely unselfish, giving, brave, able to sacrifice things for the person she loves more than anything," said Vikander, as quited by The Wrap.

The 27-year old actress said the film challenged her to explore gender roles, which lead her to realize how fluid the concept is.

"Because we had a lot of time [to rehearse], we experimented. People read me as female, but Tom and Eddie and I tried [scenes where] I played everything as male as I could — whatever that is! Gerda has a certain kind of strength to her, and it’s quite empowering, quite forward, and a lot of energy," she said.

Vikander appeared earlier this year as an artificial intelligence being named Ava in "Ex Machina." She then narrated a documentary about Ingrid Bergman and scored major screen time as Gaby Teller in "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."

The actress, who is also a dancer, will next appear as Anne Marie in the upcoming movie "Burnt" with Bradley Cooper.

She is currently filming the next Jason Bourne movie starring Matt Damon and Julia Stiles.